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Yoshihiro Togashi Exhibition Set for October, Mangaka Releases Handwritten Message

An exhibition celebrating the 35th anniversary of Yoshihiro Togashi’s mangaka career, titled “Yoshihiro Togashi Exhibition -PUZZLE-“, will open on October 28 in Mori Arts Center Gallery. As part of the announcement, mangaka released a special written note in which he expresses gratitude to fans.

Togashi goes on to address his health issues, stating that he managed to resume writing by abandoning the “traditional way” of doing things. Mangaka says that his back pain got so bad that he was unable to do basic activities. He asks everyone to take care of their hips and says that he got to the point where every movement he makes takes way longer than it should. “I strongly recommend that when you drop something while at a convention/exhibit you pick it up in sonkyo posture” he added along with a small illustration that shows how to pick stuff up. The full letter is available below in Japan and it contains another illustration of Togashi with a note that this is the only pose he is now able to draw in:

Togashi, who is best known for his Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter series, recently ended his nearly 3-year long hiatus. The mangaka created a Twitter account (which currently has over 2.8 million followers) and started posting updates about his drawing process. It took only a few hours for the account to get noticed after some notable names from the industry confirmed its authenticity. In addition to updates about his work, Togashi also uses the account to tweet random tidbits from his life and career.

A key visual for the exhibition, which will be open for fans until January 9, 2023, was revealed and it features Togashi’s iconic works:

Source: Oricon
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