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Idol Project Shine Post Gets An Anime

The multimedia idol project Shine Post will receive an anime series in Summer 2022. In addition, the official YouTube channel of the project released a teaser trailer and a music video featuring the song titled Be Your Light!!.

You can watch both of them below:

Shine Post Project Teaser Trailer

Aside from a trailer and a music video, a promotional visual for the anime series was also released:

Shine Post Anime Visual

The director of Oregairu, Uma Musume, and Hinamatsuri, Kei Oikawa, will be directing the anime. Meanwhile, Yohei Kisara (Love Live) will be in charge of the music, and Yoshihiro Nagata (Sket Dance) will take care of the character designs. Studio Kai (Uma Musume) will handle the animation.

Additionally, the story is about the idol unit TiNgS that consists of five members, Haru Nabatame, Kyoka Tamaki, Rio Seibu, Yukine Gionji, and Momiji Itou. Moreover, the members are voiced by Sayumi Suzushiro, Moeko Kanisawa, Yuko Natsuyoshi, Rimo Hasegawa, Rika Nakagawa respectively.

The Shine Post multimedia idol project does not only consists of anime but also has a light novel, mobile game, and live events.

Source: Shine Post Official Twitter and Website

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