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‘Merise’ VTuber Agency Officially Launches; Calls For Talent Auditions

A new VTuber agency is on the rise. Japan-based ‘merise’ is founded by local VTubers Shibuya HAL and Shirayuki Raid. The ‘merise’ VTuber agency also has the support of utaite artists Mafumafu and Soraru. Furthermore, Crazy Raccoon esports team is helping with the project.

The announcement was made public on 23 October, 2021, 9PM JST via the official Crazy Raccoon Twitter account.

You can watch the announcement livestream on the newly-created ‘merise’ YouTube channel as well.

According to the details on their website, ‘merise’ calls for auditions for the agency’s first-ever talent. The audition is open for existing VTubers who are unaffiliated to any agency to date. The ‘merise’ VTuber agency also welcomes applicants who are beginners in the VTuber industry.

The ‘merise’ VTuber agency goes on to say that they require their talents to be active on a regular and long-time basis. In addition, another goal of the agency is making the talent’s dream of being a VTuber come true.

In terms of the talent application process, interested talents must submit an application through the official website. Then, ‘merise’ will contact those who have passed through the company’s first selection. Next, qualified applicants will be subject to an online interview. This is followed by an in-person or online interview. 

Preparations are made for the talent’s debut, such as character design, then an announcement for the debut date will be announced.

CR Ojiji, CEO of Crazy Raccoon, also supports the ‘merise VTuber agency endeavor.

Who Are The Key Persons In The Agency?

Shibuya HAL

Shibuya HAL was a part of the VTuber project ‘upd8’. Said company offered endeavors such as offering entertainment industry-related contacts and services. This is in exchange for a portion of the talents’ earnings. 

He was with the agency from 31 May 2019 until the project disbanded on 31 December 2020. To date, he has over 600k subscribers on YouTube, over 100k followers on Twitch, and over 400k followers on Twitter.

Shirayuki Reid

He was formerly a part of VTuber agency VGaming, backed by 3D modeling company BrightRelish. The agency he formerly was working with dissolved in April 2020, a month after the agency’s first music live. To date, he has over 100k subscribers on his YouTube channel, over 30k followers on Mildom, and over 100k followers on Twitter.

Mafumafu and Soraru

Aside from the VTubers, the agency has also seen support from utaite artists Mafumafu and Soraru. Both are part of the indie-pop unit group ‘After The Rain’. The two are hosts of Hikikomoranai Radio, an irregularly occurring podcast where they talk about various subjects.

The duo have sung several anime openings and endings. These include 2017’s anime shows Clockwork Planet’s ED, Atom: The Beginning’s OP, and Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage’s OP.

Crazy Raccoon

Founded in April 2018, the Japan-based esports team has won a total of US$77,993. Moreover, the team mainly plays FPS and battle royale games such as VALORANT and Fortnite.

Source: Yahoo Japan / Banner: Merise Official Website

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