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Okamoto Nobuhiko Joins Twitter, 250k Followers in 1 Day

Voice Actor Okamoto Nobuhiko joined Twitter on October 24, his birthday. On the same day, more than 250k people followed him on the platform.

VA Okamoto Nobuhiko joins Twitter, with 250k followers as of when I am writing this article.

He welcomed his 35th birthday yesterday, which is when he announced that his official Twitter @ok_nobuhiko launched on his blog. The article says he would like to speak on Twitter using one of the platform’s live audio conversation features, Space, if there are a lot of followers.

His first tweet came with a photo: This is Okamoto Nobuhiko! I’m the Okamono Nobuhiko! I have joined [Twitter]!

His fans left congratulatory messages for both his Twitter account and his birthday under the post.

TV anime My Hero Academia Twitter also posted a picture of Bakugo Katsuki to celebrate the occasion.

In October 25’s update on his blog, he showed his surprise on the number of his followers, 220k at that time. A part of the article reads:

220k!!! Only in one day?!?! I can’t believe it! Thank you?!?! H-How come it has got that many followers?! Thank you! (The second time)

The 35 year old voice actor is well known for the voice of leading characters, Usui Takumi (Kaichou wa Maid-sama! series), Accelerator (A Certain Magical Index series), Bakugo Katsuki (My Hero Academia series), among many others. He also plays Taira no Sukemori in The Heike Story. It’s currently ongoing for international fans on Funimation, while it will release in Japan in 2022.

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