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I'm Standing on a Million Lives S2 Episode 7: Kahabell's Sad News

The sixth quest starts in episode 7 of I’m Standing on a Million Lives S2. Following the events from the previous episode, Yotsuya and his party cleared the fifth quest, which means that another person will join them soon. At the start of this episode, Yotsuya meets a person named Glenda, who then joins his party.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

At first Glenda tries to make a film about the adventures of Yotsuya’s party in the parallel world because she knows that they were transported there multiple times. After a few days, the sixth quest starts, and as expected, Glenda is their sixth player. Their mission is to stop the destruction of a certain village named “Zagross” in 30 days.

Glenda Carter

Glenda’s job is an “Axe Warrior”. When I watched the trailer of the anime before it started, I thought Glenda was an intimidating character. Now, I don’t know what I should feel about her but I’m sure that she is not intimidating. In fact, I have a hunch that she is the kindest person on their team as of now. I’m looking forward to their adventures with her.

The Sad News Regarding Kahabell

Of course, Yotsuya and his party go to Cortonel first to ask Kahabell about the details of Zagross village. They went straight to Kahabell’s house after reaching the city. They saw a person who resembles Kahabell and thought it was her. However, the one they saw is Kahabell’s daughter. The girl brought them to the cemetery and showed them Kahabell’s grave. To their surprise, 17 years had passed since the completion of the fifth quest.

Kahabell’s grave

I was really said when I was watching this scene. I nearly cried because the background music was really sad. It really fits the situation they are in. However, right now, I am crying while doing this feature. Still, I’m satisfied that Kahabell was able to tell her true feelings on Yotsuya in the first episode of the anime.

Zagross Village

Kahabell’s daughter gave a map to Yotsuya and his team before leaving Cortonel. They try to find Zagross village using it, but they find themselves lost in the woods while following the route to Zagross. Here, they meet a girl named Jezzbe, who is living alone in a certain village. Jezzbe tells them that she knows Zagross village, but it seems that she is hiding from the people there. Yotsuya and the others help Jezzbe and spend the night at her house.


I’m curious why Jezzbe is scared of the people from Zagross village, but it seems that the reason is interesting. The episode ends with Jezzbe’s father attacking them. I think this has something to do with the reason why Jezzbe is hiding from the people of Zagross village. Her father just showed up out of nowhere and he already looks like a monster.

If you are also curious like me, stay tuned to the anime. Episode 8 of the anime will air on August 28, 2021, and you can watch it on IQIYI. Lastly, if Kahabell’s news also caught your heart in episode 7 of I’m Standing on a Million Lives S2, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

Series Synopsis

Aloof and logical middle school third-year Yusuke Yotsuya is transported to a game-like alternate world. He becomes a third player and takes on a dangerous quest with his classmates Iu Shindo and Kusue Hakozaki, who were transported there earlier. The cold Yusuke eschews emotionalism and examines all elements with detachment, sometimes even toying with the lives of his companions.

Can he protect his party from attacking monsters, difficult incidents, and powerful scheming enemies and win the game?

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