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i☆Ris Performs and Teases i☆Ris the Movie - Full Energy!! at Anime NYC

At this year’s Anime NYC, J-Pop group i☆Ris completed their first NYC live show and revealed a teaser for the upcoming anime film i☆Ris the Movie – Full Energy!! to fans. The film, which stars anime versions of the i☆Ris members themselves, is scheduled for release in 2024. Convention attendees who stopped by the “i☆Ris Live Stage in Anime NYC” performance on Sunday, November 19 at Anime NYC got to see the video. The teaser depicts an anime version of a real scene from the group’s Live Tour 2023 performance in Tokyo earlier this year. At this show, i☆Ris formed a certain and led the crowd in the chants they always do prior to performances. The scene was a strong example of idols and their fans coming together to get excited about something, and this teaser aimed to do the same for the upcoming film.

During the live performance, approximately 2000 people gathered and screamed with excitement as i☆Ris came out on stage, reacting so strongly that nearly every section of the convention center could hear cheers from the audience. The stage of the live performance additionally had a mysterious animal drawn on the side, the identity and significance of which is set to be revealed later. You can check out the official teaser for i☆Ris the Movie – Full Energy!! here:

Staff for i☆Ris the Movie – Full Energy!! include director: Hiroshi Ikebata (Kiratto Pri☆Chan, Dark Gathering), screenplay writer Yuko Fukuda (Theatrical version of Teasing Master Takagi-san), and character designer Kazuyuki Ueda (Kiniro Mosaic). The film will also include a full interview with members and some special i☆Ris content that no one has ever seen before.

i☆Ris began in 2012 from an audition held jointly by Avex Group and 81 Produce. The group is a “hybrid unit” due to its members being both voice actresses for anime (such as PriPara) and idols. The members of i☆Ris are: Saki Yamakita, Yu Serizawa, Himika Akaneya, Yuki Wakai, and Miyu Kubota. They held a (Japanese) nationwide live tour called “i☆Ris 8th Live Tour 2023 ~Wasshoi !!!!!” in 2023 and released their 23rd single “Let you Know! Bakasawagi” in August of 2023.

Source: Press Release, Official Website
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