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Kadokawa to Publish Original Shonen Soccer Manga From Vietnam

Japanese media conglomerate Kadokawa has announced that it will be publishing an original shonen soccer manga from Vietnam called “Son Goal!”. As part of the manga launch, the publisher has also partnered with Vietnamese publisher Kim Dong Publishing for the local release.

The title announcement has been formalized with the recent visit of Masayuki Aoyagi, Publishing Director at the Kadokawa JSC; to the Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan Vu Hong Nam. During the press conference, Aoyagi explained that this is the publisher’s first attempt to adopt an original boys’ manga work originating from Vietnam and that it will be published in Vietnam this year.

Cover image of the manga

Speaking about the soccer manga release, Vietnamese Ambassador Vu Hong Nam expressed his support for the endeavor with Kadokawa, stating that he himself is a big fan of manga.

“First, all Vietnamese people love soccer. And manga is very popular among Vietnamese children. There is no doubt that soccer and manga will serve as a bridge to deepen the relationship between Vietnam and Japan. Also, there are still many Vietnamese who have never visited famous places in their own country, so I think this will be a good opportunity for them to get to know their own country.”

Statement from Vietnamese Ambassador Vu Hong Nam, via press release (ACN edit)

During the said press conference, both parties have also discussed measures to amplify anti-piracy measures in both countries. It should be recalled that Vietnam was one of the many countries that were involved in the launch of a global anti-piracy campaign with Japan’s Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA).

Source: Kadokawa Press Release

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