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Kaguya-sama Love is War S2 Episode 9 Screenshots, Synopsis, Staff, Seiyuu Reaction

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(Thumbnail Via TV Anime Kaguya-sama Love is War S2 Official Website)

TV Anime Kaguya-sama Love is War S2 updated information about the 9th episode on the official website. Let’s check episode titles, synopsis, staff, and a reaction from a voice actor on Twitter.

Notice: No translation is official in this article.

Episode Title

“And Ishigami Yuu closes his eyes ②”
Kaguya-sama wants to touch it”
Kaguya-sama doesn’t refuse it”


To change his own gloomy personality and become one of the happy people, although Ishigami volunteers for the cheering squad of the Sports Festival, it’s full of excitable party people. The meeting advanced only with their vibes and moods aside from him being nervous causes male members to wear a female school uniform and cheer. He, a nerdy person, however, doesn’t have a female friend in mind who would casually lend him her school uniform. When he has even second thoughts about his retirement from the squad, Kaguya appears…


Script Writer: Nakanishi Yasuhiro
Story Board Artist: Hatakeyama Mamoru
Episode Director: Aikei Ryouta
General Animation Director: Yamaguchi Jinshichi, Yakou Hiroshi
Animation Director: Kawasaki Rena, Yamazaki Kouhei

Voice Actor Reaction

Suzuki Ryota, the voice actor of Ishigami Yuu: Thanks for wating.


Via – Suzuki Ryota Official Twitter Account

Via – Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? Official Website

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