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Kemono Jihen Episode 4 Builds Character

Kemono Jihen has been going pretty strong with its past 3 episodes, so the fact that this week’s episode is no different is no surprise. As usual, we will be discussing episode content below, so beware of spoilers! Episode 4 of Kemono Jihen builds the character of potential best-boy Akira. We get to witness his current state, hear some of his backstory, and see him resolve to change.

Just from the first few episodes, we can get a pretty solid understanding of a defining part of Akira’s character. He was terrified of the bugs in Episode 2 and fainted at the sight of Kabane’s head in Episode 3. He clearly cannot stand disturbing or gross things. Even without the reinforcing of this characteristic in the first part of this episode, we understand this repulsion.

Character Building

After being ‘rescued’ by Kabane, Akira decides to become his apprentice. Unfortunately, this means he gets immediately tasked with helping his new master with a gross case involving a sewer. After strong hesitation, Akira resolves to see this apprenticeship through and enter the sewer.

During this sewer exploration, Akira reveals a bit about his past. He confirms he does have the ability to manipulate snow and ice, but he claims to not be very good at it. Additionally, he reveals he has a twin, an older brother. The brothers were born and raised in a yuki-onoko village in the mountains. This village is primarily female; males are only born once every hundred years. This explains a few other things about Akira’s effeminate traits.

Akira and his brother fled the village but were separated on their way out.  Akira was led to Inugami’s agency by his desire to find his brother. His brother felt it was his duty to take care of him since Akira is weak. But now, Akira decides he’s done being weak. He will no longer be the ‘odd man out.’ He wants to help in any way he can. In the explosive climax of the sewer exploration, we can see this resolve put into action

The way that Episode 4 builds and further develops Akira’s character further proves that Kemono Jihen has incredible potential. We are certain to see more interesting character backstory and details as the series goes on.

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