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Kimi wa Meido-sama Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

The Kimi wa Meido-sama (You Are Ms. Servant) manga by Shotan is getting an anime adaptation, set to air sometime in 2024. A commemorative visual by Shotan has been released, along with a special announcement video.

Kimi wa Meido-sama Anime Adaptation – Special Trailer

Kimi wa Meido-sama is both written and illustrated by Shotan, and it has been serialized by Shogakukan’s Sunday Webry manga website since June 2020. The first compilation volume was released on October 2020, with the seventh one to be released January next year.

Kimi wa Meido-sama Anime – Special Illustration

Shogakugan Asia has licensed the manga under the English title You Are Ms. Servant, describing the plot as:
This is the story of a maid who is all alone in the world, but who finally finds a family.
Told from a young age that her only worth is as a killer, Yuki had known nothing else except cold efficiency and following orders. Now that she has a chance to leave her past behind, she arrives at the doorstep of Hitoyoshi Yokoya, asking to be employed… as a maid?! Thus begins the journey of a former assassin learning what it means to be ‘normal’!

Source: Official Website
© Shotan / Shogakukan / Kimi wa Meido-sama. Production Committee

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