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Kiss x Sis Manga to End in 2 Chapters

The creator of the “Kiss x Sis” manga, Bow Ditama, announced on Twitter that the manga will end in 2 chapters.

You can see the Bow Ditama’s Tweet below:

“Kiss x Sis” manga to end in 2 chapters

The Tweet roughly translates to

Two more chapters and I’ll be done.

Bow Ditama

What is Kiss x Sis

In case you don’t know what “Kiss x Sis” manga is about, you can read Discotek Media’s synopsis below:

Keita is studying hard for a high school entrance test, but his two beautiful elder twin stepsisters are a constant distraction. Though they mean well, Ako and Riko are also extremely sexually assertive and interested in Keita. At first, he fends them off, but little by little, with each kiss, Keita becomes close to both twins until a forbidden love triangle develops. Will taboo-breaking love bloom between two of them… or will Keita at least get into high school?!

The manga began back in 2004 and, as of the writing of this article, it has 24 compiled volumes available. At first, it was serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine. Then, it moved to Monthly Young Magazine. Bow Ditama’s work also received two anime adaptations with both of them being 12 episodes long. The first one aired across 7 years (2008-2015), while the second one started and ended in the Spring 2010 season.

You can read more manga news here!

Source: Bow Ditama’s Official Twitter via Anime News Network
© ぢたま 某 (著) / 講談社

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