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KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 3 - A Life of Leisure

Whether it be KonoSuba Season 3 episode 3 or episode 56, it’s comforting that something in this world will always be what makes it great. Let it be crude, let it be slightly off-centered, and let it be crass. Some people need that in life. It’s that dark humor that gets us through the day. And after literally being kidnapped, spreading dark humor is all that Kazuma is doing as he settles into his newfound life of poshness.

We often talk about putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. But the reality is that no matter how open-minded you are, that’s not feasible unless you’ve lived the same situation. And, even then, the same experience means vastly different things to someone and affects people differently. While Kazuma realizes that he can’t understand where Iris is coming from, seeing her so worked up over things that he considers mundane is endearing to him. Gently nudging her to try what he’s recalling, he stops when he realizes that for someone in her position — that’s a tall order.

Wasteful Days of Axel Adventurers

Alas, the time for Kazutrash to leave comes calling — but he does not cry. Kazuma knows one day he’ll be back. But Iris is a crafty loli. And just as he’s getting ready to head back to a stressful life in Axel, she hits him with that one phrase that can make any NEET shutter, “oni-chan.” With that one phrase, Kazuma welcomes his regal side and stays in the castle, unofficially becoming Iris’ playmate. As the days grow soft and warm like a campfire-roasted mochi, one would think Kazuma has his life made. But life cares little about our comforts. And as Kazutrash devises a dastardly plot to sexually harass his maid, Lalatina barges into his room to belittle him for his morally devious behavior.

Much to Kazuma’s chagrin, Lalatina convinces Iris that he needs to be carted away. He may be a schmuck, but he’s a competent schmuck. His people need him, but at least he won’t leave empty-handed — Iris will throw a dinner in his honor. But, poor Kazutrash is an afterthought at his own party. His only moment in the limelight comes when he rescues Lalatina from an uncomfortable match-making moment and gets attacked by her as thanks.

Hear me out because I’ve had this in mind for ages. Darkness can easily overpower Kazuma even when he uses drain touch, but she has certain traits that make her fallible. I’d bet a 1-gallon container of Aqua’s bathwater that if Kazuma would bite Darkness on her shoulder when she’d attacked him, she’d never again so much as flick him with her finger.

Konosuba Season 3 Episode 3 – Goodbyes and Wrap-up

As the night ends and Kazuma retreats to quieter areas, he and Iris share a touching heart-to-heart. Reviewers tend to focus a lot on big moments and flashy artwork. But quiet talks like these usually get overlooked and it’s a shame. For lots of us, little moments like these are the most meaningful. Twice in my life, I’ve been proposed to. Rarely do I recall it and smile. But, once, I shared a Piero’s Pizza pie and a beer with a homeless dude in an underpass in Chicago as he told me what it was like fighting in Afghanistan. I think about that moment at least three times a week with an ear-to-ear grin and joy in my heart. Having a no-BS heart-to-heart talk when someone bares their soul to you is rare. Portraying these moments adequately is even harder to come by.

But in that tender moment, Kazuma found a way to keep his life of leisure. He just needs to catch an elusive thief. Seeing as how he has brought down generals in the Demon King’s army, this should be an easy thing to do. But, just think back to Chris stealing his magical mallet, and you get the point. Yet, despite his best-laid plans, Kazuma and the gang don’t get to stay in the castle and enjoy a life of luxury. They’re carted off to a former foe. Proof that life sucks and then you die.

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