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KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 7 - Relaxation Time

You know a show is special when nothing significant happens but you still end the episode with a smile. KonoSuba Season 3 episode 7 shows this perfectly. With a more laid-back episode than last week, we’re back to Axel and the slow life that Kazuma so desires.

The Slow Life

If you’d come into a substantial amount of money, what would you do? Kazuma doesn’t have to think about such trivial things. As he gets a 3 million Eris reward for getting poked by Sylvia, he welcomes a lavish lifestyle by buying everyone at the adventure’s guild a round of their finest drink. My first thought when I heard that was that either the guild doesn’t have good booze or that the booze is dirt cheap because $3,000,000 will get you about 7 gin and tonics in London. And with the rest of the money, it’s fine diving and clean living.

As Kazuma and Aqua go home after a pleasant day out together (platonic relationships possible, you just have to find the other person unattractive), they’re greeted by an eye-opening sight. Megumin and Darkness are getting kinky; they’re engaging in acts so depraved that I can’t write about them here. Just know that after that happens, there’s an egg. A possible dragon egg. A possible dragon egg that Aqua was dumb enough to buy.

Mo Money, Less Problems

Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness hasn’t made the right purchase. And as Kazuma gets even more money via a payout from Vanir. His happiness increases. After informing them that Wiz broke like a dude at a Shein factory, he lets Darkness know that she’s under a bad sign and offers her a reading to guide her in the coming days. And thanks to Vanir being an absolute bro, we got to imagine Darkness in Megumin’s dress, and all I can say is…

But, despite his probing, Vanir actually has Darkness’s best interests at heart. So he gives her a warning of what’s to come. He also tells her that what she has in muscles, she lacks in intelligence, so she can’t stop what’s coming. Taken aback by what she just heard, she leaves Wiz’s shop and heads to her family home. However, all is not lost. Should Kazuma take the initiative, he can save Darkness from her upcoming tribulations.

KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 7: Hydras and Wrap-Up

As Darkness barges into their mansion, she has only one thing on her mind. To kill a hydra and get another fat lump of cash. But after mentioning they had a decent amount of pocket happiness the day before. You start to get the idea that something is amiss. Since it’s the KonoSuba gang that’s attempting to kill a hydra, as you already know, it doesn’t go well.

I’m the kind of person who can rightfully be accused of being apathetic to most things in life. Few things bring me any entertainment and even fewer bring me joy. But, by the gods, one day, I want to have as much fun as the KonoSuba VAs have when they’re recording. When just someone’s tone and laughter make you laugh, that’s good voice work. Those people deserve a raise. Especially since even supporting characters give the same level of excitement and emotion in their performances. I honestly can’t think of any other show where that’s the case.

It took 7 years for us to get a follow-up to Season 2. Sure, we saw Sylvia play ‘Guess What I’m Pressing Against You’ with Kazuma in the movie, but to be able to come back to everyone every week is bliss. So far, KonoSuba has consistently kept up all that makes it great without ever becoming stale or repetitive, with the newest season being the highest-rated of all three. Long-time fans seem to agree.

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