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Grandpa & Grandma Turn Young Again Episode 7 - Optics Matter

Something about age-gap relationships makes certain people retch like an Oaxacan walking into a Taco Bell. Or rather, something about relationships that look like there’s an age gap makes people react like that. In Grandpa & Grandma Turn Young Again episode 7, this is the premise we’re presented with.

It’s a Slice-of-Life

Grandpa and Grandma finally get their lifelong dream of a honeymoon at Atami. Grandpa is feeling frisky. And why not? With an attached open-air onsen in their room, one could say the situation is shaggadelic. But, after a proper meal and some drinks, Shouta and Mino convince Ine that she and Grandpa have to share a room. He kills the vibe by falling asleep.

Always remember kids, as one of Azusa’s daughters once said, “When you drink booze, the booze shouldn’t drink you.” If you take anything from my articles here at Anime Corner, let it be the advice to always live by that little tidbit of knowledge. But at least he can try again tomorrow. I, on the other hand, will always regret proudly showing a girl that was a Karin Asaka clone my Non Non Biyori page when she asked what I do for a living that one night at Cuerno De Toro taproom. You do stupid things when you drink, and it results in wasted opportunities. Grandpa and I can attest to that.

The Optics of it All

As Grandpa and Grandma engage in that time-honored slice-of-life tradition of visiting the beach, all eyes are on them, or rather, all eyes are on how odd they look. A young beauty and her muscular old man. In the common era, we call this “A DiCaprio.”

And while one may be happy that they’re finally getting a well-deserved honeymoon, those side looks would be something that they would be bombarded with in real life. Few things in romance get as much disdain as age-gap relationships. Or rather, visible age-gap relationships. If a 20-year-old that looks like they’re 35 is dating a 35-year-old, no one gives a damn at first look.

The optics of things are usually as important, if not, more important than the thing itself. And how things are portrayed by the media only adds to optical biases. When we hear about age-gap relationships, it’s usually a negative light. But is that really the case? Science usually says no.

However, much like flat-earthers, climate change deniers, anti-vaxers, and people who insist One Piece gets good after the 353,377 episodes, you can’t argue with people who are fanatical about their beliefs. Now, we as viewers, know that Ine and Shouzou are around the same age. But do people around them who see an old man and a young woman know that?

If Grandpa would get stuck in his old form, which seeing the intricacies of the hourglass in previous episodes, is a possibility. The Saitous would find themselves in a situation where their love would be question ed at every turn. That doesn’t sound like a big deal at first, but it is. The mental strain that comes with feeling like your relationship will be picked apart just because of how it looks is something no one should go through.

Seeing how mindful Ine and Shouzou are of each other., this may lead them to try to keep their distance when there’s no reason for them to do so. We’ve already seen Shouzou avoid Ine when he was older than her since he didn’t want her to be looked upon negatively at the hardware.

Episode 7 Wrap-Up

As we come to the end of Grandpa & Grandma Turn Young Again episode 7, we’re treated to what I call a “Twitter aggravating moment.” We get a young-looking woman with an old man in a potentially sexual situation. While that description may be accurate, it’s a tender moment.

For most relationships (asexual romantic relationships aside), intimacy is a part of the whole experience. An integral part of that. The fact that they’re still lovey-dovey no matter how they are or appear and still find each other attractive to the point of bashfulness is one of the strongest proofs of their lifelong love.

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©Kagiri Araido, KADOKAWA/ Grandma and Grandpa Rejuvenate Production Committee

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