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Grandpa & Grandma Turn Young Again Episode 6 - Time Changes

Ine and Shouzou are off to Tokyo in Grandpa & Grandma Turn Young Again episode 6! And to further prove that Grandpa is one hell of a wing-man, he ensured that Shouta-kun tagged along with the promise of date time at Tokyo with Mino.

Episode 6 Recap

Progress is a hard thing to stomach. It’s an every-encroaching march. But, since most people realistically already live in cities or developed areas, it’s not a march one often sees. On the other hand, if you’re from a rural area or travel frequently to developing economies, you’ll quickly realize that things change drastically over a short period, let alone decades.

Visit any of the islands in the Caribbean with as little as a year apart between each visit, and the skyline will be different. More condos, more hotels, fewer public beaches, fewer trees, and a whole lot more touristic garbage.

As Ine and Shouzou plan their honeymoon, they’re amazed that train travel has been drastically reduced over the decades. What was once an overnight journey to Tokyo is now a trip of mere hours. Times change, and there’s no fighting it. So, with the help of Shouta-kun, the Saitou family heads off to Tokyo for a long overdue honeymoon. Once there, the group splits off with Shouta visiting family and the Grandparents visiting their daughter. Doesn’t sound like a honeymoon to me.

But, different people, different likes. After a lengthy explanation of their appearance, Grandpa and Grandma settle down to enjoy their family. As well as enjoying the sights, sounds, and cuisine of Tokyo. As Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again episode 6 ends, Shiori visits the empty house of her grandparents and worries about how much longer she’ll be able to do so and how she’ll manage to live her life without their support.

Time Passes

Humans are a social species. And while people tend to misinterpret that as “you need to be an extrovert.” What is meant by it is that, as a species, we should rely on each other for protection, advancement, and comfort. Yet, we live in a world where people are constantly stressed out, and everyone is quick to point fingers at modern generations being “weaker.” Happily overlooking the fact that individuals now are trying to do what whole cohesive families and groups used to do together as little as a generation ago.

For example, moving out and being independent at a young age is a relatively new concept. Until a generation or two ago, family units provided more support to children and vice versa in the old days. There’s indeed a lot to be gained from independence. But, the reality is that it often leaves people feeling alone and strung out with no one to turn to.

Grandma comforts her daughter who thought that she was abandoning her parent.

Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again episode 6 briefly shows how that independence weighs on people, with Ine and Shouzou’s daughter and granddaughter giving a lot of thought to how their life without Ine and Shouzou would be of lesser value than the one they have now.

The fact that the show touches on this issue as more of a passing moment than a full-on bawling session is pretty refreshing. For a lot of people, the doom and gloom that comes with those thoughts is less full-on panic and more a slow and steady pain in the back of their mind.

Time Ends

Even though from the moment we’re popped into the world, we’re marching towards the end. Mortality is a daunting thing to comprehend. Not even concerning oneself but in general. The better you live your life, the healthier you are, the more likely you are to outlive those around you and that’s something most people will never be prepared to deal with. And if that’s not something that fills one with existential dread, IDK what will.

Yet, as cruel as it seems, you’re probably going to have to say goodbye to your grandparents and possibly your parents. That’s the march of time. It’s indifferent to the wants and ideals of man. To have this covered not only in a selfless way. But, in the personal view of “I wish they’d stick around longer because I need them,” was nice to see. That’s not a feeling that’s usually covered. But, a word to the wise, always let the people you love know that you love them. However much time you think you have with them, it’s not that.

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