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Konosuba Season 3 Takes Home the First Anime of the Week Award for the Spring 2024 Season

KonoSuba – God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World Season 3 took home the first Anime of the Week title in the Spring 2024 season! Kazuma can finally hold his head up high and find comfort knowing he’s entering his popular phase. Because what do girls love more than a guy who’s loaded or a hero who bested the generals of the demon lord’s army? A guy who won the Anime Corner anime of the week! With that clout, even Sylvia’s jackhammer can’t break his spirit.

By securing 8.1% of the over 10,000 votes cast, Konosuba established a comfy lead over Date A Live V, which came in second with 6.66% of the vote, and Mission: Yozakura Family, which placed third with 6.09%.

Konosuba season 3 is animated by Studio Drive and produced by Half H.P Studio, Nippon Columbia, 81 Produce, Sammy, and Kadokawa. Abe Yujirou and Hiroyasu Taniguchi serve as the season’s directors. All the original voice cast is reprising their roles. As they did in the first and second seasons, the Konosuba girls are singing the show’s ED (“Ano Hi no Mama no Bokura”), while Machico is performing the show’s opening theme, “Growing Up.”

Based on the light novel by Natsume Akatsuki. Konosuba follows the adventures of gender equality warrior, Kazuma Sato, as he reincarnates in another world after dying from shock due to mistakenly believing he was run over while trying to save a schoolmate. But as he meets the Goddess Aqua, who’s giving him another chance at life. He’s horrified when instead of sympathy and praise for what he believes was a heroic action, he’s taunted and mocked for being an idiot. As she sends him off with a promise to grant him one thing in his new life, to spite her, he wishes for her to go along with him. And much to her dismay, their new life begins.

As time passes, Kazuma-kun tries his best to build a new life with a capable party but instead ends up with a wizard who’s as explosive as gunpowder and a knight whose idea of a good time is getting stepped on. To make matters worse, he’s not going up against any foe. With his teammates, he has to fight the generals of the demon lord’s army!

Haven’t seen the show yet? Need a good laugh in your life? They head over to Crunchyroll, where all three seasons, the spin-off, OVA, and the movie are streaming. Thank you for taking the time to vote on our polls, and be sure to do so again next week at polls.animecorner.me. If you’re a Konosuba fan and would love a chance to win some sweet Konosuba items, check out our amazing giveaway here!

Source: Anime Corner Ranking
© Natsume Akatsuki, Kurone Mishima / KADOKAWA / KonoSuba Production Committee

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