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Marcille Sparks Joy as the Newly Announced FuRyu Tenitol Figure

Everyone has that one friend or family member who says they “eat anything” and then vehemently complains when someone brings them food they don’t like. And in the Delicious in Dungeon, that’s Marcille. For those who find that capriciousness cute, check out the newly announced FuRyu Marcille figure. from the affordable Tenitol line. With a pre-order cost of USD 65.99, it’s an affordable addition to any collection. And even better, it’s set to ship in September, so no long yearly wait.

Highlighting Marcille’s beautiful smile and easygoing nature (when she’s not stressing over whatever Laios and Senshi are doing.) You can be confident that the newly announced FuRyu Tenitol Marcille figure won’t get side-eyed by family members or romantic partners who’re silently judging how you spend your paycheck. And at 21cm tall (8.27 inches in freedom units) it has good purchase value, as it is priced at $65.99.

Currently streaming on Netflix, Delicious in Dungeon is pretty much an allegory for how man came to create cuisine. Man needs food, man sees weird things, man eats said things, man survives, man sees another weird thing and tries again. Historians may try to paint it more elegantly, but that’s how we got to where we are.

Telling the story of a group of adventurers who because of hunger lost one of their teammates to a dragon. Delicious in Dungeon is a must-watch for fans of dungeon crawls. Showing in quite a whimsical but thorough manner how when one’s faced with hardships in that situation, they have to adapt and overcome. It’s not about strength. It’s about adaptability. As they mount a rescue mission, they’re joined by a talented newcomer. Together learn the ins and outs of cooking the monsters that call the dungeon home.

Source – Big Bad Toy Store Offical Website
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