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Korean Animation Studio Debuts V&U Symphoria VTuber Group

Symphoria, a new VTuber group under the V&U (Virtual & Universe) brand, unveiled its cast of Virtual YouTubers last May 8, Sunday. The new group is composed of office lady-slash-idol fan Liora Walkyria, magical girl Penelope Wiseman and twins Celine and Helen Etherna.

Meet the V&U Symphoria VTuber members!

Liora Walkyria

Liora is a working valkyrie who is ~2,100 years old. She likes idols and cute things, but dislikes paperwork, physical activity and remembering things. Her gaming interests include rhythm, FPS and gacha games.

Her singing prowess is revealed with the release of her cover of Kanaria’s MIRA. She looks forward to do a concert at an offline venue.

Penelope Wiseman

Penelope is a great elf magician who is also good at singing. As her final trial to become a full-fledged magician, she has to collect a hundred thousand wishes. Wishes are formed when someone is truly moved by music.

She likes playing games, the night, and being loved. She’s also interested in J-pop, K-pop, and Jazz. She plays League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, rhythm games, FPS and the like. One of her goals is to compose a song, as well as to not get angry.

She is proficient in Korean, and is learning English and Japanese. Penelope has released a cover of ado’s Yoru no Pierrot.

Helen Etherna

Spirit of Fire Helen is described as a non-playable fire spirit character created from re-used assets by lazy developers. It took a tongue-twister from a player for her to yell “Do you want to ever play the game? Take this seriously!” This is where she became aware of her independence.

The playful red-haired character likes spicy food and sand-bathing. It is later revealed that she doesn’t like ghosts, darkness, and long game descriptions. Her goals include doing a 3D live concert, and achieving top game rankings.

Celine Etherna

Spirit of Water Celine is Helen’s twin sister who claims that Helen has not yet been patched. She explicitly hates the word “skip.” She’s okay drinking coffee or tea, eating strawberry cake and adding mayonnaise. In contrast with Helen, she prefers swimming and taking a bath.

Both Celine and Helen like to play games, but singing is Celine’s ace in her sleeve. Just like Helen, Celine aims to be at the top of the gaming scene and have a 3D concert with Symphoria members.

Together with Helen, Celine has covered Hachoiji & Giga’s GIMME x GIMME.

The V&U Symphoria VTuber project recruited talents through a global audition and collaborated with reputable writers to produce each character. Their first merchandise set will be coming soon.

V&U is a joint project by animation company Maro Studio Inc., and virtual character planning company Metaro Inc., both based in South Korea. Maro Studio produced and co-planned the K-Pop animation series “Shining Star” in collaboration with SM Entertainment. Maro Studio is also involved in content creation for the virtual characters of SM Entertainment’s girl group Aespa, ae-Aespa.

Banking on the expertise of Maro Studio which has been working on VTubers since 2019 and has been awarded the 2010 Korea Content Awards Presidential Award in the field of Animation, it has formed a professional team and established Metaro Inc. as an independent VTuber corporation.

Source: Press Release / © 2022 METARO All rights reserved

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