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Link Click Season 2 Episode 3 Is Completely Devastating

Link Click Season 2 episode 3 aired on Friday giving us yet another great episode and one of the best of the week. Despite releasing the most-thrilling premiere of the Summer 2023 season, the series only managed to rank 35th in our Week 3 poll. But Link Click Season 2 came back this week with a completely devastating episode that left me scrambling for the nearest box of tissues.

Odd Beginnings, Tragic Endings

The beginning of this episode was odd in more ways than one. Yes, we were introduced to the old couple at the beginning of the season. But having Superman’s grandfather in this episode was a bizarre twist to introduce. It wasn’t necessarily “bad” in a sense, just odd. We received hardly any exposition for the three, especially super-gramps, and then we just never heard from them afterward. Luckily, the rest of the episode got much better from then on.

The middle of the episode focused on interrogation, which of course led to nothing, and it involved the detective being threatened with a lawsuit by a dad who cares more about money than his own dead son. It was solid plot development that didn’t really do much else outside of its intended purposes.

While the first two episodes could be dissected frame-by-frame with the amount of detail and care that went into them, this episode didn’t have that appeal to it. In other words, it felt rather standard…until the end of the episode. The final few minutes of this episode were heart-wrenching in ways I didn’t think Link Click would touch upon.

Given how the premiere ended, with Officer Chen being thrown off the roof of the hospital, and the dramatic irony that came with it, we expected that once his wife heard what had happened that it would be devastating. But how the funeral procession was handled hit me like a ton of bricks.

Having her show up to the funeral in her wedding dress was something that took me by complete surprise and the way it was shot was heartbreaking yet beautiful. That long, grueling walk to the altar with everyone else bursting out in tears while she tried to maintain composure had me joining the crowd. The significance of the imagery surrounding a bride-to-be walking up to her husband’s casket is beyond any realm of powerful.

Proceeding to curse him out for not fulfilling the promises he made while he was alive and going through that anguish of knowing her husband will never fulfill those promises is a pain I hope nobody comes to understand, let alone a drawn character. Showing a flash of her seeing him in the afterlife and asking him if he can repay her once she’s with him again (all while dramatic music plays) will soften up even the toughest of viewers.

That wave goodbye while she’s crying is a level of emotion I haven’t felt since watching Violet Evergarden for the sixth time. Then to have Cheng want to go into the picture Officer Chen showed him on his phone so he could fulfill those promises as him for her was a touch of kindness Link Click seriously needed to end that episode.

All in all, the episode was solid. It wasn’t a 10/10 like the premiere, but it was far from being average. Despite the weird start, it was still entertaining. And while the middle of the episode didn’t provide many exciting moments, the plot development, writing, and voice acting were great. Then, to top it all off after the emotions ran their course, we were left with a cliffhanger in glorious Link Click style.

Now we’re one step closer to finding out who the kid is that can control people in the present by looking at their pictures. And if I had to take a guess, the kid gave Lu a picture of his sister and mother — perhaps he wants Lu to save them but can’t let anyone know about it. it’s obvious from the premiere Captain Qian is the hand controlling him, possibly threatening him.

Episode 3 rating: 8/10

If you enjoyed episode 3 of Link Click Season 2 then make sure to vote for the series in our weekly poll! Episode 4 of Link Click Season 2 will air on Friday, July 28. The series is streaming on Crunchyroll with English subtitles.

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