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Link Click Season 2 Episode 6 - This Series Is the King of Cliffhangers

Link Click Season 2 episode 6 was the most confusing one yet. It didn’t leave me excited with a boatload of questions like last week’s episode. Instead, I was left with such a confused feeling that I don’t even know what questions to ask in the first place. Between weird art and animation at the beginning to subtitle screw-ups in a crucial part of the episode, this week’s episode of Link Click Season 2 was carried by its cliffhanger at the end.

Headscratcher Moments

Again, I don’t even really know where to begin with the questions. Some things were answered in ways that also left them sort of unanswered at the same time. For one, Li reveals herself to Cheng and confirms it’s her. One of the questions I had last week was how she got her abilities and why she’s now able to talk. Then this week, she says her ability is what clogged her throat preventing her from really talking as a kid.

She explains she’s hypersensitive, but that still doesn’t explain how she’s able to control people. Even Cheng at one point questioned if this girl really is Li and I mirrored that skepticism. The whole sad front Li presented was either completely genuine or it was just her simply being manipulative. If it was manipulative, then I feel like she could’ve just been upfront with Cheng in the first place since he knows her backstory. He already sympathizes with her, so why manipulate?

In this episode, we learn that Tianchen stepped in between his father and mother and took the hammer to the head. But we never saw him die and the initial report says he and Li are technically both missing. Even in this episode, the detective basically said both of them went off the grid ever since their parents were killed. At least from this, we can draw up some possible conclusions.

What I think happened is that the mother killed the father and Qian killed the mother and took both Tianchen and Li with him. It’s said that Qian was working the case and that’s also the time he left the police force as well. However, what’s confusing is Cheng returned from the photo saying it was as if he was in the mother’s body. So how is that even possible? There are so many grey areas right now in Link Click that it’s hard to pinpoint where to begin to get to conclusive evidence of who is doing what. If that’s the case and what’s intended, then this series is flawlessly executing it.

Qian and Lu both focusing on the time during this episode was also very suspicious in ways we can’t even begin to really question. We don’t know what Qian is planning or even where he’s at. We see him and some goons get out of their cars looking like they’re ready for a fight, but they don’t show exactly if he’s outside the hospital or the police station. Not to mention the fact Lu leaped out of the hospital window and there were no traces of him anywhere.

Was he controlled to do so? Why was he also fixated on the time? If you also noticed, Qian got out of his car at the top of the hour, while Lu acted five minutes prior. So what does Lu know? Also, why didn’t he send a message to anyone if he knew something was up?

Odd Decisions and Screw Ups

The first half of the episode dealing with the mother and father was extremely gruesome to watch and listen to. Seeing Cheng bust out in tears and quiver in terror while in Li’s body like that leaving the viewers just to hear what’s happening was wonderfully shot. However, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to pause it. The scene just kept getting more and more brutal.

What caught me off guard though was the art style and animation. The art looked almost cartoonish to a FLCL or Kill la Kill style when the father started lashing out after hitting Tianchen over the head. I don’t know if this was intended to make him seem even more insane than he was or if it was a production decision. Either way, it was kind of odd to have such a cartoonish look during a very serious moment. The animation was choppy as well and wasn’t necessarily great, to say the least.

While the next fault wasn’t on the production team, the subtitles in a very crucial moment got discombobulated by Crunchyroll and weren’t interpreted properly. This took away some serious tone from the moment Li was trying to talk in the hallway and it just kind of drained a little of that exciting build-up that Link Click is so used to doing.

Honestly, this wasn’t the best episode of Link Click. Between the awkward art style in the beginning, the subtitle screw-ups, and the vast amount of confusion, I kind of left this episode scratching my head going “eh.” The cliffhanger was phenomenal, though. That’s something that Link Click never fails to execute. Lu is missing. Qian is making his move. Cheng is on the run with Li. And both the detective and Qiao are as confused as all of us are after watching that episode. So that anticipation to know what’s going to happen next was definitely there as always.

Episode 6 rating: 7.5/10

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