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Link Click Season 2 Continues To Be the Must-Watch Mystery Series After a Heart-Racing Episode 7

Link Click Season 2 episode 7 was filled to the brim with wonderful action and yet another death to close the lid shut. After a slower episode last week, the series made sure to bring back that powerful adrenaline rush we’ve been used to all season. While the episode didn’t leave us with as many questions as last week, Link Click Season 2, in typical fashion, still ended the episode with plenty to discuss and the rise of more possible theories as to what occurred and how.

The Mystery Begins To Slightly Unfold

I think it’s known at this point that Officer Qian was the one who planned everything that’s been happening this season from the get-go. Lu, Cheng, and the police department have all been eating out of his hands the entire time and, for the most part, still are. However, what this episode brought forth in terms of excitement is that Lu might know it’s Qian behind everything.

We have a lot of questionable moments during this episode but none that deter the excitement or the thrill of the mystery reaching its climax. Last week, I explained that both Qian and Lu were so set on the time of day, with Lu being just five minutes ahead of time. Those extra five minutes that Lu took advantage of by leaving the hospital ended up saving Cheng at the very last second.

The writing for this entire ordeal is fantastic from top to bottom. It constantly made me feel like whatever happens next will open a new can of worms for even more shocking developments to proceed it. There’s still the mystery of why Lu was so fixated on the time, what did he actually do to escape, and how did he know where Cheng was being taken to?

What Is Really Going On Here?

So we understand that the girl is officially Li. However, in this episode, Qian was talking to her about this broken-down town where she can escape with Cheng and truly disappear for good. All of the possible holes in this escape plan were covered by Qian in phenomenal detail so there are absolutely missing points. What we know before this is that after her parents’ deaths, she and her brother, Tianchen, basically disappeared.

In this episode, we see Cheng is under the influence of the same power that we saw earlier in the season, which ended up killing Officer Chang multiple times in Season 1. However, Li’s eyes remained the same and nothing seemed out of the ordinary with her physically. So is she able to control someone who is even right next to her and still remain able-bodied? The shot below had me second-guessing myself a lot because I couldn’t figure out whether her eyes are actually red in this scene or that’s just their darker tone from the shadow.

She mentioned in the previous episode that her ability is what deterred her from talking as a young girl but now she’s able to. So either she was lying about her powers or she was telling the truth and that was her controlling Cheng. But maybe there’s something in the background we’re not noticing. Perhaps Tianchen is the one controlling Cheng in this episode and Li was holding on to him as a guide.

Qian’s Motive

What’s still hard to grasp here is what Qian’s motive really is and I think that paves the way for an even greater mystery than what Link Click already presents in the first place. He’s never made it crystal clear what his object is and this type of writing leaves me mirroring the main characters — constantly on my toes trying to figure out what comes next and how it can be prevented, or solved.

Even with everything that took place in the first season and how the series’ main antagonist was introduced, we still have no clear vision of Qian’s motives. The one thing that is clear, however, is that he wants something to do with Lu and Cheng. What that something is, none of us know. But as the season is closer to reaching its climax, I feel like the truth is going to finally be brought to light at some point. And, knowing Link Click, that light could possibly lead to something bigger.

Unlike other series airing this season, Link Click doesn’t provide staff information on an episode basis. So it’s difficult to give proper credit to certain animators. That being said, Link Click‘s distinctive art style was put on full display in this episode. Whether it was the characters themselves in stressful moments or the background artwork, it stood out a lot more to me than last week’s episode.

What I love about Link Click‘s action is that it’s all human-driven. What I mean by that is, despite having supernatural powers involved, any and all action animation in the series deals with hand-to-hand combat and sporadic camera movements and angles. A lot of panning is involved and the combat choreography looks realistic. It doesn’t look like a bunch of superheroes pulling off a bunch of crazy moves. They’re normal people with some training and it shows in the fights. Both parties get their shots in and it’s never a one-sided battle.

The animation looked great the original soundtrack involved made everything better. The impact of punches can be felt with wonderful sound design and the blocks were timed perfectly. Link Click does a great job at making its fights close to being as realistic as possible. And while a one versus five in real life may be a stretch, especially when the five have weapons, it still never felt unrealistic. They even made sure for all of us to remember, again, that Officer Wang is highly trained. The contrast of their fights was also noticeable. The one known for combat falls, the one who isn’t, stays alive.

As much as Qian is proving to be a horrible person in every possible way, coming in at the end to finish off Officer Wang in the most cowardly way possible fits his character to a T. He’s the one who is never on the front lines but always pulling the strings and working clean-up duty. He didn’t lift a single fist in fighting her fairly, but he had no problem finishing what everyone else started.

So the questions that I’m looking forward to being answered in the next episode are the following: How did Lu know where they were going? How did Lu escape from the hospital? Is Li actually the one controlling Cheng, or any of the other previous people? How did Cheng snap out of being controlled? Is Tianchen involved in any of this? Why were Qian and Lu so obsessed with time? And, lastly, what does Lu know that he hasn’t told anyone?

All of this makes for a fantastic supernatural mystery series that is defining Link Click. When one question is answered, five more questions branch off from that answer. But with Lu saving Cheng at the end in a very, let’s say, eccentric fashion, next week’s episode is going to prove to be something huge in terms of a reveal.

Episode 7 rating: 9/10

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