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Link Click Season 2 Episode 5 - If You're Not Watching This Series Then You Need To Start Right Now

Link Click Season 2 episode 5 aired on Friday and it ended leaving me with a million questions in the best ways possible. This series is giving us a heart-pumping mystery story that is not just hitting the target with what makes a good mystery great, but it’s hammering that dart through the bullseye and shattering the wall behind with each new episode that passes. If you aren’t watching Link Click then you need to start right now. (Warning – this episode contained graphic depictions of domestic violence)

Is Li Actually Li?

Any fans that watched this episode came out of it with their hands wrapped around their phones, computers, or television screaming that they needed the next episode immediately. This wasn’t just an episode that left us with a million questions that need to be answered right now — it had a lot of moving pieces as well. But first, let’s dive into the questions.

First up — is “Li” herself or her brother Tianchen? Let’s take for example that Li is indeed herself and she’s just more grown up now. So that would leave us with a bunch of questions in itself. One, where is Tianchen and what happened to him? Second, did she kill her father? Third, if she did, then who killed the mother? Fourth, when did she learn how to speak? Fifth, when did she get her powers?

Now, here are my own personal thoughts on those questions. First off, it’s impossible to know where Tianchen is based on what we saw if that indeed is her in the police station. If she was the one who killed her father, or rather Cheng killed him in her body, then my guess is that the father landed his hit on their mother first with the hammer then Cheng, in Li’s body, killed him with the same hammer afterward. We need to remember the longer Cheng stays in whatever person’s body the more he begins to inherit the feelings and thoughts of that person.

Notice how in the episode when Lu was about to tell him to act like a little girl after he was given the teddy bear, Cheng was already a step ahead and acted naturally. Then at dinner time, he reacted like himself when he saw the food. But when the disgrace of a father started attacking their mother and ripped the bear, he became scared just like a little girl would as well. So Cheng might’ve been the one to kill their father after he (possibly) killed their mother just off instinct.

As for when “Li” learned how to speak and how she would’ve developed her powers is the more interesting side. We see in the flashback when Cheng becomes her that he actually speaks when she’s supposed to be mute. But it was a ruffled “okay”. It wasn’t necessarily clear and neither was it when “Li” spoke at the very end. My possible guess here is that it has to do with the butterfly effect mentioned in the episode.

Perhaps “Li” developed the ability to talk thanks to Cheng taking over her body and that’s what caused a ripple effect on who she grew up to be as someone who could speak briefly. Or maybe, just maybe, Li’s ability to take over people’s body’s in the present and talk through them has allowed her to develop the ability to talk for herself as well.

As for how she got her powers is more in line with the question of where Tianchen possibly is. There’s simply not enough evidence to even give a possible theory on how this happened. It’s just impossible to even take an educated guess on this matter which leads me to the flip side of everything — is “Li” actually the brother?

Is It the Brother?

So, let’s say that “Li” is the brother, which I originally thought. But after this episode, I have my doubts. If that is indeed Tianchen, he’s clearly wearing a wig. But if he’s wearing a wig, why have the need to hide the wig in the first place with a hat and hoodie? I understand the mask to hide the face, but if he wanted to disguise himself he wouldn’t even need the wig in the first place.

Also, “face revealing” at the end means the room is completely shut off from the outside. Nobody can see in and they can’t see out which also leaves me to doubt that this is really Tianchen. Otherwise, he would just keep the disguise on. But again, if it is, then where is Li and where could she possibly be? And again, how did Tianchen awaken his powers? Is the boy he met when he was younger actually Cheng as well? There’s a reason why “Li” wanted to talk to Cheng personally for a reason.

Now, Tianchen was able to speak quite clearly as well. He was also the one sibling that had his own view of the world as well and seemed the most likely to take such a drastic path that almost led to Lu dying. However, that doesn’t mean Li didn’t grow up and develop her own. Another reason to believe it’s Tianchen is that he was always super protective of Li.

It’s very difficult to pinpoint if this is really Li or Tianchen disguised as Li. If that’s the case, then why? Why go as far as to disguise yourself as your sister? Once again, we’re presented with a question that doesn’t have enough breadcrumbs laid out that can lead us to a definitive answer. All I also want to know is this — what is Qian’s role in this and what’s his goal other than to force his sister-in-law to endure what he had to with his wife? Or was that the trade-off for getting Li closer to Cheng?

Link Click Season 2 Episode 5 Wrap Up

I didn’t talk about the wonderful production of this episode but it’s unfortunately put on the backburner for the incredible script that overshadowed it. This is what a great mystery entails and right now it’s at a huge tipping point that could possibly lead to an even bigger one. Link Click Season 2 has proven since it premiered that it’s the series to watch this season and the latest episode just further proved that case. Whatever happens, fans are in for a big ride.

Episode 5 rating: 9/10

If you enjoyed episode 5 of Link Click Season 2 then make sure to vote for the series in our weekly poll! Episode 6 of Link Click Season 2 will air on Friday, August 11. The series is streaming on Crunchyroll with English subtitles.

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