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Love Live! Group Liella Casts Revealed

The new group Liella from Love Live! Superstar!! has finally revealed their casts. In addition, the series uploaded an introduction video for the group. You can watch the introduction video for Liella here. Liella will also be releasing their debut single called “Hajimari wa Kimi no Sora” in spring 2021. Moreover, there will be additional information from the five members on the 11th Volume of the Love Live! Days.

Meet the Liella Casts

Without further ado, here are the casts of the upcoming group, Liella. Their socials are also mentioned below so that you can follow and support them as they start their journey into the Love Live scene.

Sayuri Date who managed to pass the public audition will be voicing Shibuya Kanon. You can follow her here on her Twitter.

Liyuu will be voicing Tang Keke. You can follow her here on her Twitter and Instagram.

Misaki Nako will be voicing Chisato Arashi. You can support her here on her Twitter.

Naomi Payton will be voicing Sumire Heanna. You can follow her both on Twitter and Instagram.

Last but not the least, Aoyama Nagisa will be voicing Ren Hazuki. You can check her out on Twitter.

Most of the Liella casts are new to the industry so giving them a warm welcome will be an amazing feeling to them. With these new faces taking over the next generation of Love Live, I cannot wait for them to showcase us their talent and smiles. To know more about Liella, you can read our previous article about them here.

Source: Love Live Website

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