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Former Gainax Representative Director Tomohiro Maki Sentenced to 2.5 Years in Prison

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Bengo4.com, a legal portal site, reported that the Tokyo District Court sentenced former Gainax president, Tomohiro Maki, to 2.5 years of prison. He’s been charged for semi-coerced indecent acts. Maki was already arrested once back in February 2019 for committing indecent acts on a voice actress. Said voice actress was contracted to a production company he managed.

Warning: The part below contains depiction of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Tomohiro Maki Archives - Bounding Into Comics
Maki Tomohiro, former president of Gainax

Maki apparently took pictures of the naked victim, saying that it was needed to “prepare her for photoshoots in the entertainment industry.” He also touched her inappropriately while claiming to “massage her because her feet were swollen.” Back then, Maki was the representative director of Gainax International. In October 2019 he became the representative director of the original Gainax company. He was working as a board director of Gainax since 2015.

After the sentencing, the victim said that she was naive when was told that all this was necessary for promotion. She also added that there were times when she refused, but sometimes she was convinced to go along. The victim hopes that no one in the future will have to feel the sorrow she felt. Her attorney, Kunitaka Kasai, also asked people to respect the victim’s anonymity.

Source: Bengo4.com

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