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Tower Of God Webtoon Extends Hiatus For 6 More Months

We all saw the last announcement from WEBTOON. They said Tower of God would be ending its hiatus and returning ‘soon’. However, the latest blog post by SIU reveals that his health has worsened and that he won’t be able to return as planned. His message was translated by reddit user AdiosCorea.

He revealed that he felt pain in his drawing arm again and went to the hospital. After multiple hospital visits, the pain was worsening. His doctor advised him not to strain himself for at least half a year. It’s to give him a chance to rest and avoid more pain in both work and his daily life.

“Faced with this scenario, when I heard that I would have to take a break for another half a year, I was faced with a big dilemma. I already had over 10 chapters made for the come back, and I had readers waiting for me to come back, along with a studio to maintain. The thought of giving my work a negative impact if the hiatus went on for much longer also weighed on me.

I tried to see if I would be able to come back while still reducing work load somewhat, but the pain persisted, and if I had returned like this but failed to put out a proper work or going back to a hiatus would be a failure in me taking care of myself as a human and rather unwise as an author. As such, after a few weeks of deliberation, I finally decided to extend the hiatus.”

He apologized to the fans for not being able to continue or deliver good news, and added he’ll do his best to recover.

“I will be back after about 6 months.”

First serialized on June 30, 2010, Tower of God has been going strong despite the occasional hiatus. Its anime adaptation debuted earlier this year as well. The first cover of the webtoon:

Wishing SIU a quick recovery. And a full one!

Source: SIU Blog, Translation by AdiosCorea
© SIU/WEBTOON Entertainment Inc.

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