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Tower Of God Webtoon To Return Soon

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The official Twitter account for Naver’s WEBTOON posted an update for SIU’s popular Tower of God series, which should return “soon”.

The tweet reads “The adventure continues.” and invites fans to catch up on the series now.

Tower of God return soon

On his personal blog, the author of the popular webtoon said he’ll be going on an indefinite break from the series. SIU stated that the serialization workload has just been too heavy and that he wanted to take time to free himself from the accumulated stress.

“I don’t know how much longer it will take, but I’ll rest well, and I will come back when I’m ready and the time is right.”

This message is from September this year. About a month later, there was an update on SIU’s blog that it would continue mid-November. The message said they were working hard on the manuscript, and that an exact date would follow soon. However, it was delayed again and we are still waiting for a release date.

The Tower of God return is expected to get a date in the next few days/week. Hoping SIU feels better and that he doesn’t overwork himself again!

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Source: Official Twitter
© SIU/WEBTOON Entertainment Inc.

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