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Hypnosis Mic Episode 9 Finally Showed Us An Amazing Rap Battle

The latest episode for the Fall 2020 music anime, Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle episode 9, showed us an amazing rap battle scene! Yes, the whole episode just blew my mind! I have never been this amazed by a music anime before.

Warning! There will be spoilers for Episode 9 here, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet – it’s time to watch it!

The review

So, after those character introduction episodes, and side stories. We are finally getting the whole premise of the show! The Division Rap Battle between the 4 main divisions: Ikebukuro, Yokohama, Shibuya, and Shinjuku. The long-awaited battle has finally come! The first 5 minutes of the anime showed the 4 main divisions meeting each other at the gates of Chuohku Division, where the division rap battle will take place.

And, after that, a few short backstories of Samatoki from the Yokohama Division and Ichiro from the Ikebukuro Division will be shown. All that in order to make the battle between Mad Trigger Crew of Yokohama Division against Buster Bros! of Ikebukuro Division, even more intense!

Like I said earlier, it’s a battle between Mad Trigger Crew and Buster Bros!!, the first two divisions will fight head to head. After those short backstories and character interactions, it’s finally time for the first battle/ The first one to make a move was Buster Bros!! with Jiro starting rapping heavy lyrics against Mad Trigger Crew’s Jyuto. When Jiro started the beat finally kicked in, and Hypnosis Mic never fails with its beat and music. The visuals are also top-notch just like the previous episodes, and they didn’t drop in terms of quality.

The episode was really intense, especially when the only one that is remaining are the two leaders of the group, Ichiro and Samatoki. The end of the episode is also an unexpected event, I really thought that Ichiro and Buster Bros!! is gonna win this one, but I was wrong. Mad Trigger Crew won by Samatoki’s strength, especially when he bit his lips just to stay conscious during the battle. The constant rap battle was amazing. Right after the match has started they didn’t show any more flashbacks, Just pure rap-battle until the end of the episode!

Next week, we are probably going to see the battle between Fling Posse and Matenro! So by far this is the best HypMic episode, and remember, there are 13 episodes in this anime. We will still have 4 more awesome episodes coming! Let’s hope that they will be at least as good as the Hypnosis Mic episode 9!

You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.

Ichiro Yamada, Buster Bros!! Ikebukuro Division

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