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Hypnosis Mic Anime Releases Opening and Endling Theme Songs

Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle Rhyme Anima + released creditless videos of the anime’s opening and ending theme songs. The opening theme song, “RISE FROM DEAD,” is sung by the division rap team, Buster Bros!!, MAD TRIGGER CREW, Fling Posse, Matenro, Dotsuitare Hompo, and Bad Ass Temple, also known as the Division All-Stars. The lyrics, composition, and music arrangement are all created by invisible manners from Evil Line Records. The opening theme song is available digitally on streaming platforms such as Apple, Amazon, and Line Music.

Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle Rhyme Anima + opening theme song, “RISING FROM DEAD,” by Division All Stars

The ending theme song, “Next Stage -Ikebukuro ver.-” was performed by Ikebukuro’s rap division team, Buster Bros!!. Takumaki and Ohkura from Ketsumeshi were in charge of writing the lyrics. Ohkura also produced the song’s music composition and arrangement.

Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle Rhyme Anima + Ending Theme, “Next Stage -IKEBUKURO ver.-,” by Buster Bros!!

The full version of the opening and ending theme songs are in the album title, “Welcome 2 Rhyme Anima +” which will be released next year on January 10, 2024. The album will also include a full version of the rap battle music that will appear in the anime and the anime’s BGM soundtracks as a two-disc set. Both videos are on the official Aniplex channel.

Buster Bros!! is a three-member unit from the Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle multi-media project. They represent the Ikebukuro division as their rap team. It consists of three brothers:

  • Ichiro Yamada (MC.B.B.) voiced by Subaru Kimura (Satori Tendou from Haikyuu!!)
  • Jiro Yamada (MC. M.B.) voiced by Haruki Ishiya (Rigur from That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)
  • Saburo Yamada (MC. L.B.) voiced by Kohei Amasaki (Neito Monoma from My Hero Academia)

Ketsumeishi is a four-member Japanese pop and hip-hop group. They specialize in incorporating singing and rapping into their music. Ketsumeishi was formed around 1993, but released their first song, “Kocchi Oide,” in December 1996. Since then, they have released several hit music, including their famous song, “Sakura,” which has hit number one on the Oricon charts. They have held 10 national tours including the arena tours. They are highly acclaimed by fans for their live performances.

Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle is a multi-media project specializing in rap and hip-hop. Starting as music and drama CDs, it grew to eventually have manga, stage play adaptations, anime series, and a mobile game. Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle Rhyme Anima + is the second season of the 2020 anime series Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle Rhyme Anima. The anime is streaming on Crunchyroll with English subtitles.

Source: Hypnosis Mic Official Website and Ketsumeishi Official Website
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