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Manga Author Arrested Upon Suspicion Of Sexual Assault

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On 8 August 2020, NHK reported Tatsuya Matsuki, the author of Act-Age, was arrested for alleged sexual assault against middle school girls.

It has been reported that the incident occurred on June 18 at about 8 PM on the street of Nakano ward, when Tatsuya Matsuki approached from behind a middle school girl while riding his bicycle and touched her body.

Around an hour later, another female middle school student suffered a similar incident in a nearby street and a person closely resembling Matsuki was seen on a surveillance camera. The police have been investigating the case and relation to him.

He has admitted the suspicion by making a statement that he said, “That’s almost correct,” in response to the investigation, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.

The editors of the Weekly Shonen Jump stated on Saturday that they take the news reports about Matsuki seriously and the editors added that once they have confirmed the facts about the allegations they will deal with the matter appropriately.

English Translation of the Statement

“There has been a report about Tatsuya Matsuki, author of act-age, serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, that the editorial department will take seriously. After confirming the events, we will deal with the matter appropriately.”


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