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Magia Record Season 2 Episode 1: The Fate of Magical Girls

The Holy Quintet finally makes its debut on the side story. Well, sort of. Magia Record Season 2 Episode 1 is full of action-packed scenes, hope, despair, answers, and more questions. An episode that certainly has the aspects that made the franchise known.

A Cruel Fate Awaits

At long last, we finally get to see the duo Madoka and Homura together. What’s more, we get to see them in action from the very start. Sayaka also joined in the fray saving Madoka while she was in peril during the fight and fleeing from the witch. Their meeting, however, wasn’t a joyous moment as Sayaka bears bad news.

Furthermore, she explained Mami’s situation in Kamihama city and how she’s not the Mami they all knew. But that’s not the worst news as she learns the truth about Magical Girls. Sayaka learned that witches are formerly magical girls themselves.

Of course, Madoka was in complete disbelief but Homura knew all along but she had her reasons to stay quiet. Kyuubey also further explained the fate that each magical has to face. Sayaka also mentioned Walpurgisnacht, the most powerful witch coming to Mitakahara soon.

What’s Next?

After hearing this, both Sayaka and Madoka slowly falling into despair. In spite of the terrible fate that awaits them, Homura ponders on what is waiting for her in Kamihama city. While pondering, Homura is faced by the witch they fought again. Madoka tries to ask for Sayaka’s help but Sayaka is in anguish for what she learned.

In the end, Sayaka found her resolved from Madoka’s words and helped the two. Together with the three of them combining their strength, they manage to defeat the witch in the end. And that’s not all because, after the witch’s defeat, the girls found a new purpose to keep moving forward. On a side note, all throughout the episode, Homura was wondering if this is the timeline that she will fulfill her ultimate goal – to save Madoka Kaname.

The first episode of the season truly brings nostalgia for old Madoka fans. We haven’t seen the Iroha and the rest in this side story yet but hopefully, we will in the upcoming episodes. The thrilling fight scenes, internal monologues and conversations, phenomenal animation, and good pacing made the first episode absolutely fantastic. I simply cannot wait for what the next episode will have to offer.

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Magia Record Season 2 Episode 1 is already airing in Funimation. In addition, the series will also air in Crunchyroll and HIDIVE on August 7.
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