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Makoto Shinkai Has Almost Finished Storyboard For Next Movie

In a recent update, Makoto Shinkai shared that he has almost finished the storyboard for his next movie. Back in December 2020, TV Asahi posted an interview with the famous director. He talked about the upcoming movie and the effects of the ongoing pandemic. Part of it was that the movie would be post-apocalyptic, and you can see the latest tweet:

Makoto Shinkai tweets that he finished next movie storyboard

It roughly translates to:

Here’s what’s going on! I’ve been working on the storyboard of the new movie every day, crying (with great difficulty), and when it was finally finished, I asked many people to review it and they gave me many comments. Even now I’m still struggling while making the necessary corrections. It’s very difficult for me to do a storyboard, but I want to make a movie that everyone will definitely enjoy.

He previously said that he started writing the script around the time the Japanese government first announced the state of emergency. The situation also affected the mood of the movie, which is why the story will be post-apocalyptic (and you can read more in his previous comments). He’s obviously done with the draft, and what’s left are the revisions and final touches based on the reviews he received.

A part of his comment: “By making this movie, I want a part of people to think. ‘We’ll somehow manage to get by, won’t we?’” The coronavirus is a large-scale disaster. But over the decades of our lives, we’ll experience many forms of disaster, I think.” His next movie is sure to hurt us, and we can only look forward to more from Makoto Shinkai in the future.

Source: Official Twitter

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