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MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA Celebrates 30 Million Downloads With Limited Campaign

MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA announced that it has reached 30 million app downloads as of May 2024 and to celebrate the milestone it released a new time-limited feature From June 3rd to July 31st, 2024 (JST), MANGA Plus app users can support their favorite manga creators by watching ads. The official website describes how it works:

  1. Read a chapter on the MANGA Plus app as usual.
  2. Watch an Ad: At the end of the chapter, there will be a prompt to watch an ad.
  3. Support Creators: A portion of the ad revenue goes directly to the manga creator. This means every time you engage with an ad, you’re not just enjoying content – you’re actively contributing to the livelihood of talented creators. Your clicks, your views, your time – they all matter immensely.
  4. Continue reading: Read more from the same creator, or find a new title and manga
    creator to send your support! By watching an ad, you’re not just supporting a single creator – you’re supporting a vibrant community of storytellers. (The viewing limit of a maximum of 10 times per 24 hours resets at 12 AM GMT.)

This initiative is made possible because MANGA Plus is a service run directly by the editorial team in Japan. They aim to highlight the manga creators who pour their hearts and souls into their work, bring an opportunity for overseas readers to directly show their support, and ultimately bridge the gap between overseas readers and manga creators. Aside from their website’s message of gratitude, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Momiyama also shared a personal message:

We are thrilled to have reached 28 million downloads and are incredibly grateful to our dedicated user base. Manga creators put their everything into creating manga with the help of editors. However, it’s only because of the fans that we can continuously create new stories. With this new feature, users can watch an ad to support their favorite manga creator. We hope that this new feature will allow users to connect more with our platform, and have their voices heard by the manga creators and editors in Japan.”

MANGA Plus by Shueisha celebrates 30 million downloads

MANGA Plus by Shueisha is an online manga platform and smartphone app that was launched in January 2019. It offers free and legal reading opportunities for manga fans worldwide (except in Japan, China, and South Korea which already have their own services). It also publishes ongoing manga titles simultaneously in English. A subscription service called “Manga Plus MAX” was added in October 2023.

Source: Press Release, Official MANGA Plus Website
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