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Manga Up App by Square Enix Released Globally

Manga Up, the manga app from Square Enix, has been released globally, with 160 manga titles now made available. New English translations (a total of 100) include The Case Study Of Vanitas, Goblin Slayer, and Final Fantasy Lost Stranger.

Other popular manga titles that are included in the global Manga Up app release are Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, PandoraHearts, as well as Daemons of the Shadow Realm, My Dress-Up Darling, and The Apothecary Diaries.

Manga Up app will also provide readers with the latest installments of ongoing manga titles, right after their Japan releases. The app will be available globally (outside of) Japan and works with both iOS and Android.

“The company has been making its manga content widely available outside of Japan for some time to great acclaim. However, readers outside of Japan have had to wait to get their hands on popular Japanese titles due to constraints involved in distributing printed comic books and e-books.”

Statement from Square Enix

The app was first launched in 2017 in Japan and has since then amassed over 19 million users. It is one of Square Enix’s platforms for the manga, including its manga imprint Gangan Comics. Some of its manga releases include adaptations of games from Square Enix such as Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, and Star Ocean. First English release of several of the manga titles were first released during the fourth quarter of 2019.

Source: Square Enix Press Release

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