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MAPPA Stage teases Zombieland Saga's Biggest LIVE Event

On Sunday, June 27, 2021, MAPPA held their “MAPPA Stage 10th Anniversary” event which began with the panel of “Zombieland Saga: Revenge.” They promoted their “Zombieland Saga” live event with the theme, “Road to Makuhari,” which will be coming in October. It also included interviews with the voice actors. In addition, they had special recaps of Franchouchou performances and moments from the anime. It’s Saga Revenge time!

The cast of Franchouchou

The special guests are Kaede Hondo (Sakura Minamoto), Asami Tano (Saki Nikaido), and Risa Taneda (Ai Mizuno). Also present are Maki Kawase (Junko Konno), Rika Kunigawa (Yugiri) and lastly, Minami Tanaka (Lily Hoshikawa).

Zombieland Saga: Road to Makuhari Live Event

The voice actors enthusiastically promoted their upcoming event—the biggest and hottest LIVE in the history of “Zombieland Saga”! The live event is titled “Makuhari Messe 2 Days” and will feature songs from the second season. The two-day event will be held at Makuhari Messe on October 16 (Saturday) and 17 (Sunday), 2021. Makuhari Messe is the second largest convention center in Japan, thus the title, “Road to Makuhari.”

In addition, Kana Hanazawa (Yuzuriha Maimai) will also make a special appearance. Lastly, there will be an advance ticket registration enclosed in the Blu-ray. More information is available on their official website.

Makuhari Live Event Guest Appearances

Interview with the Cast of Franchouchou

Throughout the “Zombieland Saga: Revenge” panel, the actors comment their personal experiences and thoughts for the anime. They also say that it has been nice to watch Franchouchou do their best. It’s very exciting, powerful, and beautiful.

Alongside this, MAPPA also plays Franchouchou’s best performances. These include Maimai’s debut, “To be Honest With You” from episode 7 and Yugiri’s “Saga Incident” from episode 9. Following after is Lily’s scat song, “Little Bodda Bope” from episode 5. The cast also talk about what if Minami Tanaka (Lily Hoshikawa) could clap, sing, and dance live just like Lily in the anime.

They also present the powerful song “REVENGE” from episode 1. Lastly, they show Franchouchou’s exciting EFS performance of “Shine” and “Oikaze Travelers” from episode 12. The cast talk about how emotional Sakura was as she tries to hold back her tears. The voice actors say they were inspired to do their best!

A fun moment to also mention is the re-enactment of Legendary Tae’s scene from the EFS concert in episode 12. They play the video of Tae garbling a tune (“Franchouchou”) while the live audience and the voice actors sing back.

Road to Makuhari Visual

The “Zombieland Saga: Revenge” panel comes to a close as the voice actors say their final messages. In summary, the cast thanks all the fans for their continued love and support for “Zombieland Saga: Revenge.” The second season has been a fun, enjoyable, and emotional experience for everyone. The final episode is out and they are lonely and sentimental about it. They say that after seeing how supportive the fans are, they hope for more to come for Zombieland Saga in the future.

The casts also thank everyone at MAPPA for the event. Lastly, they encourage everyone who hasn’t seen “Zombieland Saga” yet to give it a try. The official twitter posts a group photo of the voice actresses afterwards.

Voice Cast of Franchouchou (Photo via Twitter)

About MAPPA & Zombieland Saga

MAPPA Co., Ltd. is a Japanese animation studio. It was founded on June 14, 2011. To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, they held an event called “MAPPA Stage 2021” as a special thank you. It physically took place at the J:CON Hall Hachioji in Tokyo and also had a live broadcast on MAPPA’s YouTube Channel. The event also held segments for MAPPA’s other anime shows like Chainsaw Man Anime, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Attack on Titan.

Zombieland Saga: Revenge follows the story of a zombie idol group in Saga. One day, Sakura Minamoto dies in an accident. She wakes up ten years later and discovers that she is resurrected as a zombie by Kotaro Tatsumi. Coupled with six other girls, they become an idol group called Franchouchou and go on a mission—they must save Saga!

It is available to watch on Crunchyroll in selected regions. It is also available for free on the official YouTube Channel of Muse Asia in most locations in Southeast Asian. Read our other “Zombieland Saga: Revenge” articles on our site.

All images via MAPPA YouTube Account, Official Zombieland Saga Twitter, Official Zombieland Saga Website
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