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Minute Burger Integrates Anime Memes into its Culture

Minute Burger anime memes are now part of their online culture, but does the 39-year old chain want to take it a step higher?

Philippine quick-service chain Minute Burger’s anime-related memes contain references to many popular titles. (Contributing artists: [Left] Rexplosion [Center] Komik Guy [Right] Aziz Muliady)

Minute Burger, a quick-service burger chain in the Philippines, has gained a lot of attention online. On Facebook, they are followed by almost 260,000 fans! Moreover, their social presence is continually growing with the local community that enjoys our favorite medium. Their secret? Anime memes.

Their anime-flavored memes come from fans of the burger chain. Most of them contribute original pieces on their own. In some occasions though, it’s the brand that taps into the local talent. Some of the artists that created content for Minute Burger include Little Things PH, Komik Guy and Liga ni Likeman.

This anime meme culture dates back to as far as 2016, when they set up a booth at Cosplay Mania, a local convention. As they develop new products and content, Minute Burger gradually drummed up its popularity among the young and young-at-heart. They’re so invested in anime memes that they even got themselves a “WEEBster Dictionary“!

Minute Burger’s anime memes

Here are some of the Minute Burger anime memes posted on Facebook:

From Attack on Titan to Jojo’s Bizaare Adventure to Dr. Stone, Minute Burger’s anime memes get hundreds of reactions as well as thousands of comments and shares.

Now here’s the fun part: Minute Burger has recently posted this short original anime teaser on Facebook:

The teaser pays tribute to the popular shonen series Naruto, of which the ninja run depicted in the teaser is popularly attributed to. The teaser so far is pretty short – just three seconds. Even so, there are plans to show more content for interested anime fans in the near future.

All things considered, will a Minute Burger anime be possible for the 39-year old chain? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

Source: Minute Burger Facebook / Special thanks to Minute Burger for this collaboration

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