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Mushoku Tensei Episode 11: Beautiful Finale for Cour 1

Mushoku Tensei released episode 11 this Sunday, and it featured some really awesome action! Starting off, we saw Roxy worry about Rudy and be relieved when he wasn’t on the list of the dead. She met two of Paul’s acquaintances, and we heard the new voice actors (Rie Tanaka as Elinalise Dragonroad, Houchu Ootsuka as Talhand). Paul wrote a message to request help from anyone to help find his family, as only Norn is with him. It was pretty touching to see how desperate he was, but sadly it doesn’t feel like they’ll get a happy ending for everyone.

The reason is that we already saw that lives can get lost easily in this show. In today’s episode, Rudy’s decision to wait a bit longer ended up with the Chocobo character losing his life. Then Ruijerd and Eris got some cool moments and took down the Anaconda monster. We got some depressing moments there as Rudy regretted his decision and Ruijerd started telling him off. Zero Two and Machamp packed their friend up in a bag and left, but our trio still had a job to do.

Finding the mysterious monster, Ruijerd recognized it as Redhood Cobra and determined they can take. In more beautiful animation, Rudy also participated and they took it down. However, they failed to save another life. Going back, the horse character had found out they swapped jobs with another party and wanted to blackmail them to take half of all their earning. Rudy was about to snap, but Ruijerd went first and revealed his real hair color and threatened the guy. It worked, and I doubt he’ll dare try to revoke Dead End’s adventurer’s license after that.

After Ruijerd ran away from the scene due to being revealed, Rudy and Eris went to search for him. Rudy and him have a nice talk, and they apologize to each other and seem to be on the same page now. Then the Superd shaves his head, and the trio is ready to tackle Cour 2 with matching headbands, and we’ll have to wait for Summer 2021. We also saw Roxy traveling with the new acquaintances, and they might be meeting up quickly!

Episode 11 of Mushoku Tensei is already out on Funimation! This concluded the 1st cour, and we’ll probably learn more about the continuation in the near future. If you enjoyed this episode, you can vote for it as the best anime of this week on our weekly poll!

In case you haven’t checked the anime out yet, the story goes:

When a 34-year-old underachiever gets run over by a bus, his story doesn’t end there. Reincarnated in a new world as an infant, Rudy will seize every opportunity to live the life he’s always wanted. Armed with new friends, some freshly acquired magical abilities, and the courage to do the things he’s always dreamed of, he’s embarking on an epic adventure—with all of his past experience intact!

It has 11 episodes now, and it’s definitely worth a watch! Read all our Mushoku Tensei articles here!

All images via Funimation

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