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Mushoku Tensei Game Collaborates With Konosuba

During a special live broadcast, the collaboration between the Mushoku Tensei smartphone video game and Konosuba was presented. It featured 3 voice actors/actresses from the show. They were Uchiyama Yumi (Rudeus), Fukushima Jun (Kazuma) and Kayano Ai (Sylphiette and Darkness). The event began on September 15 in Japan, and will last until September 28. You can check out the stream:

Aqua and Sylphiette with and without a costume change:

Next, Roxy Migurdia and Megumin:

And finally, Eris Boreas Greyrat and Darkness:

Both Mushoku Tensei and Konosuba are popular, and this collaboration seems interesting. Sadly, it’s not available globally, though the Konosuba game recently did release worldwide. Who knows, maybe we get Mushoku Tensei in the future as well!

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