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Mushoku Tensei Ranks 1st With Over 15% of Votes For 2nd Straight Week

Last Friday, the results of our Fall 2021 Week 11 came out, and Mushoku Tensei dominated again with over 15% of votes, ranking 1st ahead of Mieruko-chan. It’s exact vote percentage was 15.18%, while Mieruko-chan placed 2nd with 9.16%. This is the 2nd straight week of Mushoku Tensei’s dominance, as it had 15.38% only a week before after its Turning Point 2 episode. This time, the votes came for the emotional roller-coaster Rudy had with Eris, and no show could compete. Check out the full ranking below.

Top 10 Anime of Week 11 | Fall 2021

This is the 5th time that Mushoku Tensei ranked 1st during the Fall 2021 season. Back in Winter 2021, fans voted it as the 2nd best anime of the season only behind Attack on Titan: The Final Season, and 1st best new anime. It ranked higher than some very popular sequels, such as Tensura and Re:Zero.

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The first it ranked 1st was in week 2, and you can see the ranking progress of Mushoku Tensei this season:

Mushoku Tensei Fall 2021 Ranking Progress


The Fall 2021 Anime of the Season poll is now open, and you can vote for Mushoku Tensei after that awesome finale!

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