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My Dress-Up Darling Episode 2 - A Measurement Situation

My Dress-Up Darling episode 2 is out! The first episode was awesome, but this second one that follows is just as daring. Honestly, I am so impressed with how forward the writing of the story is so far. It’s amazing how good (and fun) they’re reconstructing the idea of how it’s totally okay to like something, regardless of social expectations. It’s okay for a boy to like sewing, and it’s also okay for a girl to like games (no matter how bizarre they are.) It’s all very wholesome and refreshing, but this week — oh boy, it gets real.

The story continues right where left off last week as Marin gives a passionate explanation of her favorite character and game. Meanwhile, Gojo is struggling trying to understand the shocking and unexpected explicit information. It’s a funny scene in My Dress-Up Darling episode 2, especially when we see that Marin is 100% serious about it. (She also completely ignores the question about age restriction.) Even though it’s far from what Gojo had in mind, it’s very sweet watching Marin’s cheerful energies. The fact that My Dress-Up Darling discusses these topics is another reason why it’s so unique compared to the usual rom-com. If you think about it, this episode is actually somewhat… educational? Not only is it a safe space for Marin and Gojo, but for us as the audience too.

What does being a guy or girl have to do with liking what you like? … Nothing!

Of course, the highlight of My Dress-Up Darling episode 2 is none other than the measurement scene! Gojo is so pure that Marin’s sudden visit — and stripping — transforms him into a bundle of nerves. It’s one hell of a situation. Gojo is constantly freaking out but powering through and then breaking down all over again. Meanwhile, Marin is so comfortable and confident in her own body. The amount of jiggle- er, enthusiasm that Marin has is just something to really admire about. Marin even notices and teases him about it. Although in the end, she has a soft moment and also gets a bit shy.

It’s in this moment too that I realize that Gojo is absolute best boy material. He’s very polite, and despite what all the other anime characters would most likely do, our Gojo here is more focused on respecting Marin. Even though it’s embarrassing for him, he powers through because the cosplay means a lot to Marin. Doesn’t this make you want to root for him more?

I think we can all agree that we have CloverWorks to thank for the splendid animation and visuals so far. Props to the voice actors too! Personally, I had a lot of fun watching the episode unfold. It was wildly insane but in a good way. I mean, how did they make the episode so provocative yet so wholesome? I guess it’s as Marin said — “it’s in the story.” I cannot wait to see more.

My Dress-Up Darling episode 3 will air on SaturdayJanuary 22, at 24:00 JST. The English subtitled versions will also be available later on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Bilibili in select regions. If you enjoy watching the anime, don’t forget to vote in our weekly polls.

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