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My Dress-Up Darling Episode 9 - The Magic of Cosplay

My Dress-Up Darling episode 9 is out with the long-anticipated cosplay collaboration! To be honest, this episode feels very important because it explores the practicality and a more in-depth process of cosplaying. At this point, we all already know that cosplay is not a cheap hobby to have! Quality comes at a price but at the same time, low-cost materials make well too. It’s all in your planning and execution. In this case, it’s kind of lucky for Marin to have Gojo (and vice versa too)! So when Juju and Marin get their finished costumes, I totally understand how happy they are. Their beaming smiles are just too endearing.

Other than Gramps, it was nice to see someone talk cosplay technicality with Gojo. The tutu, embossed fabric, and the wig make-up — it’s all amazing to hear. It’s in a moment like this that a fellow creator would definitely relate and be happy to see onscreen. Meanwhile, me? I related to more of Marin when she tried to express herself, but then she ends up with just one passionate word. I honestly had a laugh with it, and Marin could not get any cuter. Especially after the last episode, I really appreciate Marin more than ever.

The highlight of the episode is no other than Shinju’s cosplay. When Gojo says, “The best thing about cosplay is that you can be anything you want,” that one was right in the feels. The series has done a brilliant job of encouraging love and passion for hobbies, and this episode specifically, encourages cosplay for all shapes and sizes. Additionally, it’s cosplay on a budget too! My Dress-Up Darling episode 9 perfectly summarizes how it feels to want something — the hope, fear, struggle to do it, and everything in between. It was really nice of Gojo to help Shinju with all of it. He even shares how he admires Marin.

I love how Shinju joins and jumps into cosplay despite her worries. I do agree that one should be comfortable in their own body, but at the same time, I’m also thinking if they could perfectly copy the character, then why not? Right? It’s her dream to become Soma and it’s quite amazing how there is so much ready and convenient equipment nowadays. The episode itself was very informational and I certainly learned a lot of new things. To be honest, Shinju looked very handsome. I couldn’t help but fangirl along with Juju and Marin.

All in all, My Dress-Up Darling episode 9 is another wonderful episode. The first bit with Marin’s teasing was fun too. Comedy aside, it was a genuine moment when she had all the feels for her painting. Another thing that I like is that Gojo wasn’t expecting the reverse-gender cosplay but he really committed to it. Gojo has brilliant talent as a craftsman, not to mention how extra he is with notes and make-up. It’s really nice to see that he’s grown a lot since the first episode.

This episode was really fun and is a satisfying conclusion to the long-awaited group cosplay. I wish we can see the final photos next week! The next one will air on SaturdayMarch 12, at 24:00 JST. The English subtitled versions will also be available later on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Bilibili in select regions. Don’t forget to vote for this anime in our weekly polls!

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