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My Friend’s Little Sister Has It In for Me Anime Has Been Officially Confirmed

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My Friend’s Little Sister Has It In for Me is getting an anime! It was confirmed today at the GA Fes 2021 Stream on Abema TV, and more details are expected at a later date. Also known as “Tomodachi no Imouto ga Ore ni dake Uzai!”, the light novel is written by Mikawa Ghost and illustrated by Tomari. It started in April 2019 and currently has 6 volumes.

My Friend's Little Sister Has It In for Me Anime - ln volume 6

The cast from the drama CD adaptation are returning:
Haruki Ishiya – Akiteru Ooboshi
Sayumi Suzushiro – Iroha Kohinata
Tomori Kusunoki – Mashiro Tsukinomori
Sōma Saitō – Ozuma Kohinata
Kana Hanazawa – Sumire Kageishi

You can also check out the official announcement pv:

Synopsis of the story:
If a girl teases you, that means she likes you! Unfortunately, Akiteru knows from experience that isn’t the case. Because every girl he interacts with shows him nothing but scorn, and he’s not scored a single date from it! Luckily, he’s more concerned with securing a spot for him and his game-development buddies at his uncle’s business. But when his uncle throws him a condition that involves playing the part of his daughter’s boyfriend, Akiteru has no choice but to take it. What will his best friend’s sister Iroha, who bullies him relentlessly, think of the news?

My Friend’s Little Sister Has It In for Me is another romantic comedy that will be getting an anime. There are also Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie and Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru that were confirmed! The genre seems to be blowing up, so let’s see if Komi-san also gets confirmed soon.

Source: Official Twitter
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