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My Hero Academia Episode 99: Uraraka Puts The Team On Her Back

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My Hero Academia episode 99 picks up right where it left off last week. Deku’s new quirk ‘Blackwhip’ went Berserk in last week’s episode leaving everyone concerned. But after Shinso was able to calm Deku down with his brainwashing quirk, Class-B wasted no time taking advantage of the opportunity. But Class-A wasn’t going down without a fight and Uraraka made sure of that.

The Battle Continues

Ashido and Mineta continue their fight against Kodai, Reiko, and Shoda while Deku and Uraraka have their hands full with Shinso and Monoma.

Out of nowhere, Monoma leaps towards Deku. He starts charging up with what looks like Deku’s One-For-All quirk. Deku yells at Monoma to stop because he quickly remembers One For All can deal fatal injuries to a body it’s not suited for.

However, Uraraka immediately sees through the bluff and pins Monoma to the ground in a flash.

Uraraka pins Monoma. My Hero Academia Episode 99.

Shinso vs Deku

While Monoma is being captured by Uraraka, Deku and Shinso begin their battle. Shinso immediately pulls down two pipes towards Deku. Out of nowhere, Deku activates Blackwhip to catch the pipes before they land on him.

Aizawa and Vlad both become on-edge and are about to stop the match.

But All Might makes a stunning realization. Uraraka used her quirk on Deku before he took off so that he could focus his power on using Blackwhip.

Bakugo was even surprised when he muttered to himself, “That power…”.

Deku uses 'Blackwhip' to stop falling pipes. My Hero Academia Episode 99

Unfortunately, that power lasted only one whole second before it faded. Deku realizes that the quirk is much stronger than it was before when the previous One For All successor had it. His body can’t withstand the power yet, so he only goes with One For All at 8% the rest of the match.

With Shinso on the retreat, Deku begins to chase him… Until something – sorta – stops him

A Wild Moment

While Deku is chasing Shinso, Uraraka is heading back to the cell to officially capture Monoma. While she does achieve such with no problem, Monoma reminds her that he’s still able to use his teammates quirks despite being in the cell.

Out of nowhere, he uses Shoda’s “Twin Impact Quirk” to slow Deku down. As we saw at the end of the last episode, Monoma was able to land a hit on Deku’s cheek.

Twin Impact allows the users to hit the same spot twice, with the second shot having more of an impact than the first.

So, from the cell, Monoma ends up landing what, at first, looked to be a knockout blow to Deku – leaving an opening for Shinso.

But in typical Deku fashion, he doesn’t let that stop him. He gathers himself and manages to capture Shinso all in one quick, epic leap.

Deku pins Shinso. My Hero Academia episode 99.

Class-A Victory, Wins The Match

After Uraraka captured Monoma, and Deku captured Shinso, the rest was a piece of cake for Class-A. Despite being outnumbered, Class-A manages to capture Kodai, Reiko, and Shoda as if it was batting practice.

What was more surprising about the latter half of the fight is that Uraraka actually managed to be the one to capture two more from Class-B – Kodai and Reiko.

She sneaks up behind Reiko and knocks her out cold, then manages to stick Kodai to a pole thanks to Mineta’s quirk.

Ashido took out Shodo which sealed the deal, giving Class-A an official flawless victory… Just like Bakugo’s team. (The rivalry continues)

They win the match against Class B with a 3-1-1 record.

Episode MVP: Uraraka

Uraraka. My Hero Academia Episode 90

The clear MVP of episode 99 goes to Uraraka and it’s not even up for debate. Let’s go down the list of everything she did in episode 99.

  • Saved Deku (again) from Monoma
  • Used her quirk on Deku so he’s able to fight Shinso
  • Captured Monoma by herself, Class-B’s team captain and strongest hero.
  • Came back to the battle, knocked out Reiko with a single chop to the neck, and captured her.
  • Immediately captured Kodai right after.

As the title states, Urakaka put the team on her back. Without her, Class-A would’ve been in a load of trouble. In fact, she performed so well during the battle that Aizawa even gave her praise in the after-match critique.

Next Week’s Episode

The 100th episode of My Hero Academia (CONGRATS!) airs next Saturday, June 12, on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Episode 98 came in 3rd place in our weekly poll this week – making it the first time My Hero Academia cracked the top-3 this season. Do you think episode 99 deserves to keep My Hero Academia in the top-3 for this week? Vote now at our weekly poll!

Who was your MVP? What was your favorite moment? Manga fans, how did you like how today’s episode was animated?

Leave any comments about today’s episode down below!

All images via Crunchyroll

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