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Higurashi: When They Cry - Sotsu Premiers on July 1st

Higurashi: When They Cry – Sotsu is set to premiere on July 1, 2021, with two episodes from the new season.

Higurashi anime series is based on a murder mystery visual novel, published by the doujin circle 07th Expansion. Studio DEEN animated the original anime, which aired in 2006. Studio Passione produced Gou and will be doing the same for the sequel.

Higurashi: When They Cry – Sotsu is a direct sequel to the Higurashi: Higurashi: When They Cry Gou anime. Gou started airing in the Fall season of 2020 and had 24 episodes. Funimation licensed it and describes the plot as:

New kid Keiichi Maebara is settling into his new home of peaceful Hinamizawa village. Making quick friends with the girls from his school, he’s arrived in time for the big festival of the year. But something about this isolated town seems “off,” and his feelings of dread continue to grow. With a gnawing fear that he’s right, what dark secrets could this small community be hiding?

Ayane is performing the opening theme for Higurashi: When They Cry – Sotsu, which will be titled “Analogy“. Staff listing for the anime isn’t available yet. However, the cast is returning. Mika Konai is voicing Satoko, while Yukari Tamura voices Rika. Mai Nakihara is once again starring as Rena, with Souichiro Hoshi as Keiichi. Noriko Hidaka is voicing Eua, the antagonist first introduced in Higurashi: Gou. Satsuki Yukino, who voices twins Mion and Shion, is returning as well.

Previously, a new trailer for Higurashi: When They Cry – Sotsu was released. You can watch it below:

Source: Official Website

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