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Higurashi: Sotsu Reveals ED by Konomi Suzuki in a New Trailer

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Higurashi: When They Cry – Sotsu revealed a new PV, which features the ending theme for the upcoming season. The Higurashi: Sotsu ED is titled “Missing Promise” and performed by Konomi Suzuki.

higurashi sotsu ending theme

Konomi Suzuki performed openings for No Game No Life,  Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, and Re:Zero, as well as 2nd opening for So I’m a Spider, So What? anime. She was born in 1995 in Osaka, Japan, and specializes in anisongs. She is currently signed with the KADOKAWA music label. “Missing Promise” is her 21st single, and will be released in full on August 25th, 2021.

The Higurashi: Sotsu ED is featured in the new trailer. You can watch the full video below:

Higurashi: When They Cry – Sotsu premiers on July 1, 2021, with two episodes from the new season. Ayane is performing the opening theme, which is titled “Analogy“.

Higurashi: When They Cry – Sotsu is a direct sequel to the Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou anime, and will have 15 episodes. Gou aired during the Fall 2020/Winter 2021 season and had 24 episodes.

Keiichirou Kawaguchi is returning to direct, with Akio Watanabe on character designs once again. Kenji Kawai is composing the music.

Funimation licensed the series and describes the plot as:
New kid Keiichi Maebara is settling into his new home of peaceful Hinamizawa village. Making quick friends with the girls from his school, he’s arrived in time for the big festival of the year. But something about this isolated town seems “off,” and his feelings of dread continue to grow. With a gnawing fear that he’s right, what dark secrets could this small community be hiding?

Source: Official Website

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