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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 3: Shinso Proves Himself

My Hero Academia Season 5 episode 3 was released this Saturday, and Shinso got another big moment. Starting off, we learned more about his quirk. For example, he explained that he can’t make the people he brainwashes do anything complicated that requires thinking. He also explained the Persona Cords he used in the last episode, and it can be used to mimic anyone’s voice if handled properly. Then we jump back to where we left off, though he gets stopped after brainwashing Shishida, who then breaks free thanks to the shock by Tsuburaba. Denki jumps in, though his electricity doesn’t do much.

In the fight, Froppy captures Tsuburaba, but Shishida manages to get both Kirishima and Koda. As the fight is now 3v3, we saw both sides planning their next move. Kaminari has a wholesome moment with Shinso as he tells him he thinks he’s a great future hero, and Froppy comes up with a plan that involves Kaminari’s marker that got stuck on Shishida. She masks their scents with hers, and the 3 head towards the Class B team. Kaminari decided to get caught and surprise the trio by zapping them. However, the vine barrier was a lot stronger now, and he got completely blocked. Still able to target Shishida thanks to the pointer, he tried to focus on him, but Hiryu Rin reacted and shot off the pointer at the last second. Then Shiozaki hears Tsuburaba tell her to reset the vines, but it was actually Shinso, brainwashing the vine user.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 3 – Shinso

His inexperience shows, but he does manage to use the Capturing Weapon to keep Shishida occupied enough for Froppy to defeat Hiryu. His brainwashing completely ruined the other team’s communication, and it cost them the win as they doubted their ears and Froppy launched Hiryu into the beast. They managed to win, and Class A took the first round, much to the biased commentator’s Vlad’s dislike.

The next episode will feature the 2nd round, and it looks like we’ll see what Tokoyami learned with Hawks. The title of the episode will be “Operation New Improv Moves” and it will premiere next Saturday on April 24. If you thought My Hero Academia Season 5 episode 3 was the best of the week, you can vote for it on our weekly poll!

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