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My Hero Academia Episode 94: Momo VS Kendo

Episode 94 of My Hero Academia aired on Saturday, picking up right where it left off with last week’s episode in round two of the tournament. After their Plan A failed, Kendo and the rest of the Class-B team immediately moved to their next plan – separate Yaoyorozu from the rest of her team. In doing this, it starts off with Manga successfully using his quirk to create walls separating Momo from the rest of the group.

Class-B goes on the offensive

The rest of the Class-A team immediately goes into a panic and tries to figure out what just happened and where everyone else is. Kendo jumps out to attack Yaoyorozu just as she planned, but Momo responds quickly and immediately starts blocking Kendo’s attacks. It was a 1 v 1 fight between a brainiac and a head-on fighter, with Kendo having the advantage.

My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 6

However, Yaoyorozu remains resilient. Despite doubting herself, while taking hits left and right from Kendo, she immediately thinks ahead. What was starting to look like a Class-B victory at the time turned into what could possibly be a Class-A turnaround. Yaoyorozu surprises everyone watching as she assembles a giant canon. She admits that it takes a lot more time to create something bigger in size. This means she was planning to make this cannon from the start.

My Hero Academia 5, Season 6

During this time, the rest of Class-A’s team is backed into a serious corner. In a surprise attack, Kuroiro manages to snatch Aoyama away from the rest of the group so he can’t light up the battleground as he did in the previous episode. Class-B gets on the board first after capturing Aoyama – which leaves Tokoyami and Invisible Girl in a tough spot. Until…

Class-A turns the match around

Yaoyorozu shoots a bag of supplies out of her cannon towards Tokoyami and Invisible Girl despite looking like she is going to blast through the wall. This bag contained disinfectant spray for the mushrooms and a specifically made pair of night-vision goggles for Tokoyami to find Class-B. In other words, Yaoyorozu is a genius who thought ahead. She thought of all this while fighting Kendo so the rest of her team could capture the others.

Class-B hits Class-A with a surprise attack

Tokoyami immediately captures both Komori and Kuroiro while Invisible Girl is beating Manga to a pulp. Class-A looks like they have this match won. But in another surprise attack, Komori planted mushrooms that caused Tokoyami to cough uncontrollably. This frees her and Kuroiro. And, out of nowhere, Kendo surprises everyone and grabs Invisible Girl while dragging along Yaoyorozu after knocking her out.

Class-A loses the second round 4-0. But despite how the match went, a lot of the heroes watching gave Yaoyorozu praise, even Kendo herself. The matchup between both classes is now tied at 1-1. Next week, the matchup will be Todoroki, Ida, Ojiro, and Shoji (Class-A) vs Pony, Sen, Juzo, and Testutestu (Class-B).

The title of the episode will be “Match 3” and it will premiere next Saturday on May 8. If you thought episode four was the best of the week, you can vote for it on our weekly poll!

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