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Nakama Virtual VTuber Agency Releases Three 1st-Gen Talents

Nakama Virtual, a Virtual YouTuber agency from Indonesia, has released three of its first-generation talents. In a press release posted December 18, Shirageshi Nana, Dedy Fortemus, and Naka Ramatya will graduate from the agency on January 01, 2022 at midnight, Indonesian time (WIB).

Each talent discussed with the agency’s management the expiration of their work contracts which span a one-year period. The management agrees to release the talents and hand over all assets for their personal use.

The agency thanks all the fans of the talents for the continuous support. On the other hand, Freundin Felin, one of Nakama Virtual’s talents, will have her announcement published in the near future.

Currently, Nana has around 1,780 subscribers on YouTube, while Naka has 950 subscribers and Dedy has 947 subscribers. In addition, Dedy has a goal wherein he will have a VTuber face reveal upon reaching 1,000 subscribers.

“We think this situation is understandable”

In an email interview with Nakama Virtual’s Managing Director and Talent Manager Naufal Alfarizy, he says that this decision wasn’t done easily.

“At first, we were actually quite concerned about the situation. This is our first time handling and managing talent, and quite new to the Virtual Youtuber realm. But after we discussed it with colleagues in similar business circles, as well as our staff, we think this situation is understandable.”

Alfarizy also says that this decision aligns well with one of their goals, which is to build virtual talents:

“In the end, one of our goals was formed, which is to nurture virtual talents so that they can be independent one day.

On the other hand, we can also develop and launch Intellectual Property, the development of potential staff and technology used, during the period of nurturing these virtual talents.”

What’s next for Nakama Virtual in 2022?

He assures followers of Nakama Virtual that this decision won’t affect the agency’s operations.

“This situation will not have a major impact on our agency’s operations. We can focus on other activities within our agency, such as recruitment of the next generation of virtual talent. Currently, we are finalising requests from our former talents, including digital assets, before the graduation date arrives.”

Lastly, he told us that there’s more to come for Nakama Virtual in 2022:

“[…] Next year, we’re planning to showcase our 2nd VTuber generation. Probably in the 1st/2nd quarter of the year 2022.

The parent company, Ayukawa Media, will announce more information at the end of the year. Please look forward to our next information soon.”

Nakama Virtual, who began its operations September last year, focuses on merchandise and licensing, live production and talent development.

Indonesia enjoys a high number of VTubers and established agencies among countries in the Southeast Asian region.

Source: Press Release

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