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NBS, PONYCANYON USA Launch Anime Roomy Podcast

The Nippon Broadcasting System (NBS) and PONY CANYON USA have recently announced a collaboration to launch a podcast series called “Anime Roomy”. Said podcast, hosted by four anime fans–Mikan, Yuzu, Yuri, and Sakura–caters to the growing number of anime fans overseas.

The Anime Roomy podcast will discuss topics regarding the anime industry, with the hopes in the future to feature guests who have a direct interest in anime, as well as popular anime/manga creators. In addition, the podcast will feature casual segments such as “Funny Nihongo” and “Oshi-kai” that go beyond anime discussions and are based on the concept of a fun otaku chat between friends.

New podcast episodes will be available every Tuesday at 10:00 am (JST) and will be distributed across various podcast distribution sites, including Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. You can also follow Anime Roomy’s official social media account on Twitter for updates regarding the podcast series.

The cast of Anime Roomy are part of PONYCANYON USA’s project called “World Otafy Project”. Said project focuses on the message of providing translations to fans, made by the fans themselves. Members of the project are composed of native English-speaking anime fans who are fluent in Japanese and are involved in anime-related translation and research from their otaku perspectives.

Source: Press Release, Email Correspondence

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