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New Manga About Rooster Who Saves the World Premiered

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Shū Sakuratani draws “Rooster Fighter” manga for Hero’s Complex website. It’s a battle action manga following a rooster that will save the world. The serialization of said manga began on Friday on the Complex manga website.

According to Comic Natalie plot is as follows:

The manga tells a story of how humanity is threatened by “Kijū”. “Kijū” are monsters with an overwhelming power that started attacking and destroying cities. When everyone started falling into despair, a rooster appeared to face the threat. This is a story about one rooster that saves humanity.

You can read the first two chapters on the website here.

What’s more, Sakutani is an author of the T-Dragon sci-fi action manga which he drew for the Monthly Hero’s magazine.

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Source: Comic Natalie

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