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Good Smile Announces Magia Baiser Nendoroid

We’ve all been there. We watched an anime that made us feel in ways we never felt before, and then it ended. The manga or light novel doesn’t hit the same way, and there’s no sign of a season 2. What does the lonely weeb do in this situation? Well, fill the void with merch! And if you’re missing the hyper-sexual antics of Utena Hiiragi, you’re in luck. You can fill that void with the newly announced Good Smile Magia Baiser Nendoroid!

Some people might be put off by the long wait associated with pre-orders, but let us tell you why that’s a good thing. Life’s stressful, the cost of living is high, No Game No Life still hasn’t gotten another season, and those 9-5s are increasingly becoming 8-6. Not much worth living for in this life and it’s difficult to keep the motivation going. But if you have to wait until next year to hold a kawaii chibi Magia Baiser (that has exchangable cute expressions) in your hand – it might all be worth it for the low, low price of $44.99.

Currently streaming on HIDIVE in all its uncensored goodness. Gushing Over Magical Girls can be described in two ways. The Anime Corner writer’s way, which paints it as a well written sexual awakening show that shows the faults and flaws of having too much power during a confusing age in life. Or the Twitter way, which calls it an insult to basic moral decency.

Either way, the show focuses on the life and times of noted pest magical girl lover Utena Hiiragi. Who, through a twist of fate, gets a chance to become a magical girl! But, much like a genie’s wish, what she got and what she expected were two very different things. And instead of becoming a pillar of justice, she became the type of person who needs to let everyone in the neighborhood know that she just moved in.

Will Utena aim for world domination with her newly found powers? No, that’s the dream of losers and ISIS. Two groups no sound-minded individual wants to be in. She wants to encourage the magical girls she loves to grow by giving them the toughest type of love. And you can share in that love by pre-ordering the newly announced Good Smile Company Magia Baiser Nendoroid!

Source Good Smile Company Website
© Akihiro Ononaka/ Takeshobo/ Gushing Over Magical Girls Production Committee

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